High Tech Halloween Costumes Ideas That Light Up the Night

Here are some of the coolest costume ideas for OneModelPlace.com models and members who haven’t already decided what they’re going to dress up for at Halloween.

The day when you get to don a costume and ask for lots of candy only comes once a year, so you’d better not blow it with some cheesy store-bought costume.

Everybody knows the best costumes — ones that aren’t just styrofoam cutouts — are the ones people build themselves.

Check out this slideshow for 15 kickin’ costume ideas that light up and are sure to get you noticed while trick-or-treating.

Top Photo: Glow in the dark Tron Suit — Legacy was easily one of last year’s geekiest movies, but it came out in December. For fans who didn’t go Tron blue, this sweet costume is more than enough inspiration to get the creative juices flowing.

Bottom Photo: StarCraft Ghost – What do you get when you mix a few football pads, a modded Nerf gun, some lights and a sexy babe? A hot looking costume from the StarCraft universe.

See the full slideshow at Dvice.com

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