10 Questions with Model Saffron Rayn from Southern California

Saffron Rayn (OMP Model 416805) relates that she got a late start in modeling and acting. The Southern California resident states, “It was a career path that often was suggested to me from the time I was a child through my teen years. But it wasn’t until I was an adult that was able to pursue it. Before I stepped in front of the camera, I channeled my artistic interests by studying photography. So now I am working on both sides of the lens.”

OMP: How did you discover OneModelPlace.com?

Saffron: A friend of mine had asked me to accompany her to a print photoshoot. A few of the photographers asked me to pose for a couple pictures since I was there. I stepped on set and briefly did my thing for a few frames, then thought nothing more of it. About a month later, one of the photographers contacted me and asked me to set up an account on OneModelPlace.com so he could link me to some of the shots we took.

OMP: What was the response you received after signing up for OMP?

Saffron: I signed up for an OneModelPlace.com account to see the pictures. From that point on, things took off. It turned out that one of the pictures we shot that day received an OMP Showcase. The image ended up getting lots of award-winning attention, and my OMP profile began getting flooded with offers to shoot and audition for projects. Having focused my talents for many years on all things business and academic, I saw this as an opportunity to work on my artistic side and pursue a world completely unfamiliar to me. I started studying and researching modeling and acting. I explored different genres and styles, and also focused a lot on my branding. The tools I have accessed through OMP have been a driving force behind my growing career. I want to give the OMP community a special thanks for supporting my work, with over 100,000 portfolio views, various Showcases, and countless comments and messages which I read thoroughly.

OMP: How do you describe yourself as a model/actress?

Saffron: Though my modeling has led to some acting, you’ll usually hear me say that I’m not comfortable referring to myself as an actress. I admire the title, the talent it takes, and all the hard work that goes into being an actress far too much to claim it before I’ve truly earned it. My goal is to continue to study the art and work on a variety of roles that challenge me. With my modeling I’m focusing on print, commercial, and advertising. Ever since I was a toddler, I would get so giddy when I saw billboard ads, catalogs, and magazines. It would fascinate me how much a single picture could depict and capture the emotions of life.

OMP: How does your experience as a model help you as when working on acting and hosting assignments?

Saffron: Through my experiences and opportunities I’ve learned not only about myself, but about people in general. It’s been like studying life from a whole different perspective. So when I’m acting and hosting, I now consider so much more when looking at characters and situations.

OMP: What are some of your favorite experiences?

Saffron: I always have so much fun when I’m on any set. Those that stand out are the ones that I’ve walked away from having experienced something amazing and unexpected. The funniest shoot award does go to my time on the set of the TV show “Outsourced.” I was a new cast member among dozens of reoccurring Indian actors. On the first day of shooting no one recognized me as Indian, so everyone spoke amongst themselves inquiring about “the new girl.” I found it humorous to listen to all the curiosity behind the conversations. Then slowly I started speaking the language and everyone was so surprised and embarrassed. The news spread like wildfire — it was hilarious. They couldn’t believe I kept a straight face hearing everything they were saying about me. We all got a great laugh out of it.

OMP: How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

Saffron: When I know I’m scheduled for a shoot, I pack a fully-loaded model bag with all the essentials. I’ll make sure to eat, drink, and rest; then I make sure I have the right mindset going in. For me, always being prepared gives me confidence. Then the rest of it is all about having a great time doing what you are there to do.

OMP: What do you concentrate on during a shoot?

Saffron: When I’m on a shoot, I’m all about being in the moment. I also think about what new and different aspect I can bring to the role to give it that extra edge.

OMP: What are the rewards and challenges of modeling?

Saffron: I love that modeling isn’t as easy as it looks. For me it comes with a lot of self-reflection, a little bit of science, and true passion that gets me through the hurdles and to my next milestone. Not only does it bring adventure, the chance to dress up, trips to great places, and platforms to meet and be inspired by fascinating talents; I love that it presents opportunities and leverage to make a difference. I’ve always liked to do my part, and modeling goes hand-in-hand for me in endorsing charitable causes, mentoring youth, working with children, and inspiring others to step outside of their comfort zone and simply live! The biggest challenge for me as a model is all the traveling involved. Like most everyone, I juggle a lot of different commitments on a daily basis. Mine, however, require a lot of traveling, and that can get exhausting. So, I squeeze in cat-naps every chance I get.

OMP: What advice do you have for models just starting out?

Saffron: I tell aspiring models to put in the work if they want to take this career seriously and be taken seriously. It’s important to think ahead and make wise choices. Also, they should be very clear on their values, or someone else may decide what they are for them.

OMP: Do you have any suggestions for photographers to remember when working with models?

Saffron: I would suggest a few tips to photographers out there. When you’ve shot with a model, don’t let the euphoria of the shoot fade before you get her post-production shots back to her. I’m always very selective how I use my time, and if a photographer doesn’t return finished photos within an agreed period, I can’t help but be disappointed. Also, I challenge photographers to cast against type every now and then. For example, book a lingerie model and shoot her commercially, or vice versa. Finally, try to spend some time conceptualizing the shots and scenes ahead of the shoot; it will result in more quality work.

Saffron’s current project is a self-described “journey through humanitarianism.” You can follow her progess by joining her Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/MsPerfectCreature.SaffronRayn. You can also check out her IMDB account at www.imdb.me/saffronrayn.

Image: Greg Christensen

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6 Responses to 10 Questions with Model Saffron Rayn from Southern California

  1. JB says:

    this girl seems real down to earth and focused. Best of Luck Saffron Rayn!

  2. Reggie "PinHi" Pinuelas says:

    Saffron Rayn, SHE ROCKS!!! That’s all that needs to be said…. Wish you the Best Always! Good Work, Keep it Up!
    xoxo PinHi


    Hi Safron I think that you are so talented, beautiful, confident, and so lusciosly golden like a cookie. Have you ever heard the song “mellow yellow”? The singer says “I am mad about Safron, and Safrons mad about me”. It is a kinda old song. I like old song’s and new one’s, and that is a golden–like you—oldie……..cept you ain
    t old(smile) Take care.

  4. Saffron is one of the best models I’ve ever worked. She is gorgeous, very professional and very kind. So easy to work with I can’t recommend her strongly enough to photographers or clients looking for a model, especially one with a very beautiful and distinctive look .

  5. Hello Saffron just wanted to say thanks for sharing with me and it was great to read how you got your start. As always all my best to you.

  6. What can I say…. Saffron is an incredibly gifted and talented young woman with with every where to go on top in this biz….

    Her modesty belies her intense true inner self with the grace and humility of true royalty….

    You’ll be seeing and hearing about her for decades as she takes the show biz world by storm..!!..

    Hat’s off everyone and get in …hold on….sit down….and enjoy her show..!!..

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