Studio Time – Blue Pill Studio Open to All Artists in South Florida

From time to time, the OMP Blog will focus on a new or established photography studio run by a member of This is a great way to share studio strategies and promote your space to all your fellow OMP colleagues. If you own a studio and would like to have it featured, please email your name, OMP ID# and studio website link to

Sean Murdock (OMP Member #666) is an artist and photographer currently based in the South Florida area. He recently opened his own space, Blue Pill Studio, in Fort Lauderdale. caught up with Sean to take a tour of the studio and ask him a few questions about the new space.

OMP: What made you decide to open a photo studio?

Sean: I really wanted to provide an inexpensive space for people to come shoot. I got tired of the high-priced rates being charged by the bigger studios. I only need a small space to do my work, and I know a lot of others who do too, so Blue Pill Studio was created.

OMP: What are the challenges of running a studio in this economy?

Sean: Honestly, we are so new as a studio I do not know yet. As a photographer, I know that competition is the big killer. As a studio, I hope to hedge the bet and make money from clients shooting on days I am not. My goal is to make a steady income while having a space that I can call home.

OMP: What are some of the benefits for photographers to shoot in a studio space?

Sean: Control of the environment and lighting are two of the main reasons to work in a studio atmosphere. Also, in locations such as South Florida, the weather is unpredictable, so an indoor venue will guarantee no surprises or rain delays. Privacy is another major benefit. Many shoots require privacy, so that onlookers do not interfere with the model and the mood of the shoot. Finally, the comfort level of the models and the crew is much easier to maintain in a closed, air-conditioned environment. The studio allows you to shoot low-key dark shoots at noon in air conditioning, versus being out in the sun and the heat trying to block the light.

OMP: What is the South Florida photography market like these days?

Sean: Very competitive for the few jobs that are being offered. People are asking a lot of questions about rates, but not following through on the actual bookings. I have lost a lot of the business I had two years ago, and I am hearing similar experiences from a lot of fellow photographers. The ability to rent a studio and give a good price to the client is crucial to a successful business model. Now with Blue Pill Studio, people can rent at a third the rate of large spaces and still make a good profit on any size shoot.

OMP: What would you like to say to your fellow OMP members?

Sean: Come rent the studio. We will make sure you get the best rate in town, a private shooting atmosphere, and anything else you need. The idea is to feel at home here. We are a boutique studio. The space is easily adaptable to any shoot concept. You can even personalize the studio lobby for the day with prints of your images and business cards to give it your own studio look.

To learn more about Blue Pill Studio or to reserve time in the space, visit their Official Website at

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