OMP Success Story – Working Model Maria from Netherlands is dedicated to promoting our models and members, so that they can get noticed and get discovered. That is why we have launched a series of articles where OMP members can talk about their careers, lives, and success stories in their own words.

Next up is Maria OMP Model #464428, a model who is not letting anything get in her way of a career as a working professional. Here is her OMP Success Story:

“I am Maria, living in the Netherlands in a town called Emmen. I am 45 years old, and I started modeling two years ago.

“After giving birth to two children, I was out of shape and did not have any time to exercise or participate in sports. But when the children began going to school a few years later, I started going to the gym in a little town near my home.

“It took me a while, but slowly the pounds began melting off and I got my shape back, and lots of energy as well. As a gift for myself, after several years of sweating in the gym, I booked a photo shoot with a photographer. The pictures were actually very good, so I spontaneously sent them to model agencies.

“However, I learned that life was not that easy, because they told me that I needed more photos in different styles in order to get signed. Over the course of the next year, I drove miles and miles to meet with photographers, did a lot of TFP shoots, and learned all about the modeling business through forums on and the Internet.

“Now, two years later, I am 45 years old and I am doing commercial work for the agencies. I still take the time to set up shoots with photographers to build my portfolio. I work as an artist’s model for painters. I even do sport-related shoots, including yoga.

“My story might sound too good to be true, but I’ve also had my share of negative experiences. Getting the wrong types of offers, driving miles to shoots without success, and all those rejections. The worst part of all? Hearing constantly the words: ‘Too old, too old, too old.’ Or even worse: ‘Shouldn’t you do something else at your age?’

“Luckily, I am meeting more and more people who are nice, supportive, inspiring, and appreciative of my work and what I can do. And I am getting more and more jobs!

“I like to think — and hopefully everybody else will feel this way as well — that age is just a number. Everybody, no matter what age they are, can be a model. Aging is not a curse, it is a gift of life! And being a model is a great life experience. It is more than just posing for pictures. It is a passion which models and photographers and everybody else in this business shares and understands. Dutch greetings to all, and good luck in all your endeavors!”

See more of Maria on her OMP Portfolio.

Image: Erik Bolding

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