Playboy Club Tie-in Magazine Sells for 60 Cents on Newsstands

It’s a big month for Hugh Hefner and the rest of the Playboy empire — a retro-priced 60-cent issue, a 1960s-inspired cover, an NBC show “The Playboy Club,” and a marketing scheme to tie them all together.

Ileana Llorens of The Huffington Post reports that the October issue of the adult magazine will hit the newsstands for 60 cents this month. The low price reflects the cost of the publication in its early years. Hugh Hefner suggested the discounted rate to “tap into the retro appeal of the show,” editor Jimmy Jellinek related.

The cover features NBC’s “The Playboy Club” star Laura Benanti, dressed and posed much like a woman on a 1963 issue. The much-hyped series debuted on Monday, Sept. 19 — o coincide with the issue hitting the newsstands.

The discounted vintage issue will only be available on stands; subscribers still pay their normal rate, according to the International Business Times. The news service states that Hefner expects to make up for any losses through increased advertising.

Playboy isn’t new to pumped-up marketing, however. After Hef’s former fiance Crystal Harris called off the wedding, the magazine featured a sticker teasing the issue as the “Runaway Bride” issue, points out. The publication contained content and photos revolving around Harris and the nuptials.

“The Playboy Club” has been stirring controversy since word of its release began circulating earlier this year. NBC affiliate KSL in Salt Lake City has even refused to air the show releasing a statement highlighting the station’s policy not to feature content “which significant portions of our audience may find objectionable.”

The October issue will come with a swizzle stick ”so that readers can enjoy a cocktail while they read,” Jellinek said.

See the full story at The Huffington Post

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