Colorado Model Luccia Strives for Success With Help from OMP

Luccia (OMP Model #270210) began her modeling career about six years ago, despite a lack of support from her peers. “It’s actually a very interesting story. I started modeling in spite of being told I didn’t have the look and that I wouldn’t be able to make it very far. So, I took that as motivation and set up my first shoot with a photographer when I was 16.”

That first photographer she worked with introduced her to “He told me that it was a good place to network and meet photographers that could help me build my book. Since I joined, OMP has helped me meet photographers that have really been able to build my portfolio. It’s important for me to have a very strong portfolio.”

The Colorado resident doesn’t describe herself as a typical model. “I am a lot shorter than your average model. I am also a big tomboy. I’ve always been an athlete and have been considered ‘one of the guys.’ When people first meet me, they wouldn’t even consider me as a model, but rather a spunky and goofy person.”

Some of Luccia’s favorite shoots have been assignments that weren’t planned out but organized at the last minute. “I would have to say my shoot with Kassia Photography was definitely a favorite. I showed up, had her do my makeup, and picked out clothing from her closet. We went out into the fields of Boulder, Colorado and shot some of the most beautiful natural lighting shots. I really love how she captured me.”

The results are equally satisfying whether or not she has time to prepare for a shoot. “It really just depends on the project – I enjoy when there is a big creative team as much as when it’s just a fun, spontaneous shoot. For either scenario, I like to look through some inspirational shots and get some ideas for poses/movements ahead of time. During shoots, it’s important to me to always keep moving in front of the camera. I make sure to focus on fluid movements and different poses.”

Luccia compares the rewards and challenges of a modeling lifestyle. “The biggest reward of modeling, for me, is feeling good about creating something beautiful. I’m not artistic in any way, so modeling is my artistic outlet. The greatest challenge of modeling is my height. I am turned down and told I can’t do things because of my height, when I know if I am given the opportunity to prove people wrong, I will. I cannot change the fact that I am petite, but I can do my best to keep on pushing and see where it gets me.”

Her advice to new models is to make sure to do it for the love of it. “If modeling makes you happy, then do it. Don’t let what others tell you bring you down. The best thing that a new model can do is to practice, practice, practice. Posing in front of a mirror and looking through magazines for inspiration really does make a difference.”

She also offers several suggestions for photographers to remember when working with models. “Be upbeat — a model is much more confident and fluid when a photographer has a positive attitude at the shoot. Bring in some inspiration — show the model some photos or poses that you like that you both could possibly use to inspire you. And show the models your work — I find that it helps to see some of the shots on the camera during the shoot, to see if I need to change my poses or facial expressions.”

See more of Luccia on her OMP Portfolio

Image: Artiste Magazine
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