Ask Ashley — How Many is Too Many from the Same Shoot?

“Ask Ashley” is an advice column by Ashley Salazar, who is a veteran both in front of the camera (OMP Model #371407) as well as behind it (OMP Member #231727). OMP models and members are welcome to leave her questions regarding any aspects of or the industry in general, either here in the comments section or via email at

Question: How many images of the same outfit or setting should a model or photographer post in his or her portfolio?

Ashley: The maximum number that I would suggest for a model or photographer to post of the same outfit or setting is five images.

Now there is always the exception that you may fall in love with a specific series of images or styles and want to post more, but for the sake of variety five is the magic number.

Things you want to keep in mind when posting your selected five images are finding a range of expressions or emotions in each photograph, different editing styles, unique cropping, varied colors, and a different focal point in each composition.

Additionally, compiling images into a collage is also something that is trendy and can help you show your range even more, like what I have posted here with my muse model Tara Nicole.

Having a few series in your portfolio can be fun and eye-catching — it’s like telling a story.

The downfall to posting more then five images is that sometimes it can hinder your portfolio if the images aren’t at top notch quality. As a working professional, that is the last thing you want.

About Ashley:

Ashley Salazar is a professional Latina model/actress. She is a United States Air Force veteran who currently resides in St. Louis area. Ashley has been been featured in television and internet commercials, music videos, magazines, runway shows, billboards, movies, and promotional events. Check out her Fan Page here.

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