Ohio Model Frosty is Determined to Achieve Modeling Success

Frosty (OMP Model #460562) started modeling the day after her 18th birthday. “Modeling was always a dream to me as a child, and to realize it was a possible career really inspired me to be as determined as I am. Although it’s difficult, competing with millions of beautiful women really gives you the chance to figure out how you are different from everyone else. And I realized no one else is exactly like me.”

The Ohio beauty got her first break when a photographer booked her for a Harley Davidson calendar he was shooting. “I, of course, took the job. It was one of the best days of my life. When he took the first few shots I was nervous, then out of nowhere I felt like I was the only model in the world. Time stopped as I kept posing. I smiled for three weeks straight. My life had never felt so right.”

When Frosty shot the second time for the calendar, it was quite a different experience. “So many people were standing around me and asking for my autograph while I was shooting. It was so much fun seeing people smile because of something I was doing. Little girls were looking up to me and I loved that feeling/ It was a feeling I never forget, and I hope to feel it again!”

OneModelPlace.com is a very integral part of her career plans. “OMP helps me promote my dream of being a professional model. My entire life I have seen people give up — I won’t. I’m hoping OMP will show the entire world what I think a truly inspired model should be. I would like to be seen not just as a model, but a young bright beautiful lady who will never stand for less. Given this wonderful opportunity, I must say thank you to OMP. I truly believe the site will help me make my dream come true!”

She describes herself as being very determined to show the world who she is. “I always do my best and make sure it’s done correctly. I also feel that my personality makes me more attractive — understanding that really helps out one’s career. I am very fun, and love to smile. Despite what situation I am in, I make the best of it, and shine! I am not a complainer nor do I have time for it. I do want the best of the best for myself, and am trying to find the right people to help me with that goal.”

The model always prepares ahead of time for photo assignments. “I am always packed the night before a shoot, so I don’t forget anything. I make sure a get a good night’s sleep, that’s always very important. I start doing my hair about three hours before I have to leave. Most importantly, I give myself an extra 15 minutes so I know I won’t be late. Being late for a shoot is NOT good. I haven’t done it yet, and hope the problem doesn’t emerge.”

During photo sessions, Frosty always tries to display her emotional status in her facial and body expressions. “It took a long time practicing in the mirror, but a picture with the wrong emotion is the wrong picture. It’s not as easy as it seems, but I never gave up and I’m getting a lot better. I try not to concentrate too hard on how I look; it’s more how I’m posing. I want to make sure my feet are right, my arms and legs are placed properly, and my shoulder position is correct. It comes naturally after a while.”

She gives her opinions on the rewards and challenges of modeling. “It’s rewarding to know that you are the face of a type of merchandise. I am not going to lie, money is always nice but I think the best part about modeling is simply that it is so much fun. It’s such a great experience to meet new people, travel the world and enjoy its beauty. The challenging part is you may subject yourself to some harsh criticism but you always have to turn that into a positive and overcome it.”

Frosty has the following advice for models just starting out. “Show people what makes you different and even if they don’t like it, smile and say thank you. Never think you’re better than anyone else, though, because beauty comes from within. Also, never sign a contract unless you read it in full and honestly know what you are signing. Always remember to do a background check on who you shoot with, and if you’re young, never go to a shoot alone. Safety is first!”

She has a suggestion for photographers to remember when working with models. “Always try to make the model laugh and feel comfortable. Establishing a common friendship with the model will highly increase her emotional connection with the camera.”

With her dedication and determination, it is clear that Frosty is on the fast track to success. “I know I will do anything in my power to achieve my goals in life, always with a smile on my face no matter what. And I want to keep meeting new people and seeing new places along the way. I want to get my name out there any way I can. And all the effort is paying off. So the best advice I can give to my fellow models is don’t ever give up and always hope for the best.”

Image: The PM Group DK Photography (OMP Member #27973)

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