Creative Collaborations: How Models Can Contribute to the Process

Jennifer Lynn (OMP Model #177829) is a talented and versatile model from the Midwest. She is also the imaginative and inventive stylist behind Anomalous Designs (OMP Member #241634). This allows her to the chance to create colorful and outrageous outfits, many of which she ends up modeling herself.

The eye-opening, evolving artist has agreed to share some of her secrets in this new series of articles exclusively for members.

Topic: How can models become more involved in the photo shoot process through collaborations with photographers and the creative team?

Jennifer Lynn: Models need to take the initiative when it comes to creating unique and creative photographs.

If the photo shoot is completely planned out ahead of time, there will be limited opportunities for creative input. However, if the theme of the shoot is not set, you may want to think of yourself as the art director, to get the most out of the experience.

Start by selecting a series of images, materials, and descriptions that evoke something in you. From there, come up with a concept that will tie these ideas together.

Talk to the creative team (photographer, makeup artist, designer) to see if they share your vision and have the same excitement for it as you do. Enthusiasm from the team can make or break the project’s success. For creative collaborations to work, everyone needs to be on board.

You can also show the team some of some images that fit that theme to hopefully inspire them.  Be sure to elicit opinions and advice from the photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, and wardrobe designer.

When it comes time to walk on the set, print out a few of the images to have available for reference. You may even want to draw out a storyboard, to illustrate concepts that have more than one look. It will keep everyone focused and on the same page; making sure they have the same concept in mind. The cohesiveness will be apparent in the photos.

Finally, don’t forget about preparing yourself as the model. Practice your posing to make sure you are comfortable with what you have envisioned. This is another reason to have some printed-out images with you, so you can refer to them when finding poses you feel would work best for the outfit, the concept and the theme.

Next Time: How models can work with stylists to get unique looks for their shoots.

Image: Scott Regan

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