Bob Bullard of Design Image Photo Balances Bridal & Bikini Assignments

Bob Bullard of Design Image Photo (OMP Member #150043) has always had a love for photography. “I played with it off and on back in the film days. Then I decided to turn pro in 2005, and immersed myself in the task of makin’ it happen!”

The New Hampshire resident got his start in photography in a unique manner. “I own a sound and lighting company that doubles as a mobile DJ entertainment company. I started the company in 1980. It involves carrying heavy equipment, staying till all hours of the night, and typically I am the first one to arrive (load-in and set-up) and the last to leave (strike equipment and load out). When I started to ‘age-out’ of the DJ market, I was looking for a way to stay involved in the wedding industry due to the clients and function facility contacts that I had built up over the years. Bingo – PHOTOGRAPHY! It’s a lot easier to carry around a camera bag instead of amps and speakers, and I can zip to and from a wedding in my sports car instead of a truck or van. People are so much more receptive to you when you have a camera in your hand.”

He discovered back in 2005. “I’ve been on OMP ever since. When I was looking for a way to develop an online presence for my work, I did a search for online photography portfolios. OMP offered me the best value in terms of being able to showcase my work to others in the industry, as well as market myself to those seeking out qualified and reputable photographers. The site has allowed me to collaborate with other professionals in the industry through castings and email — veterans who are looking to share their talents and expertise. Also, many corporate clients will look to online portfolios in an effort to review potential photographers and models for upcoming projects. It’s a win-win situation.”

Bob feels that OMP has the features that allow him to change, update and revise his portfolio on a daily basis. “I like to think that my work is a work-in-progress. I learn something new everyday. And I feel that I have improved vastly since day one. OMP continues to adjust with the times and offers me the flexibility to increase my ‘fan’ base while seeking out new and exciting members. This gives me an increasing talent pool to select from that you just can’t find anywhere else.  Also, I am now a contributing photographer for countless websites and online magazines. Having OMP as a resource to refer corporate clients and print magazines to, gives me the credibility when seeking out other staff positions or photo assignment projects.”

He has two favorite styles of images he likes to shoot. “I love to shoot wedding fashion encompassing the big picture. By this I mean that it’s not necessarily about the model, but rather the architecture in the image, the composition, etc. It just so happens to have a model in it. The flair, the sophistication of it, does it for me. My other favorite style is swimsuit. I suppose I garnered national attention due to my work with swimsuit models. I am Director of Photography for TeaseUm Bikini out of California and DOP of The Hemigirls from New England as well as a staff photographer for Starwear USA out of Florida. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some absolutely beautiful swimwear models. Switching between these two distinct styles allows me to not get bored. But lesson learned: The two do NOT mix. I maintain two separate websites –  one for my model work ( and the other for my wedding orientated imagery (”

Bob admits he likes to discuss a model’s limitations upfront before each session. “By knowing this information, you can gauge where you are allowed to go with it. I like to push swimsuit models to the best of their potential. The camera doesn’t lie. If they are in a bad mood, not having a good day, it will show. I try to ease them into feeling beautiful so that they can express themselves and thereby get the best shot. Same goes with brides. Typically they have a million things on their mind. It is one of the most important days in their life. Being able to give them exquisite imagery that they will look back on for the rest of their life is what it’s all about. Understanding the psychology of people to some degree will benefit you in being able to get them into the frame of mind that you need for fantastic results.”

Living in the northeast U.S. means that if Bob wants to set up swimsuit shoots, he has to travel. “Being a Director of Photography and a staff photographer has allowed me the ability to travel to Jamaica on numerous occasions, as well as the Bahamas, Mexico, L.A., Santa Ana and Ft. Lauderdale. I recently went to the Dominican Republic as the Director of Photography for a 2012 Calendar with The Hemigirls! On the other side of the fence, as my wedding work continues to build, I am in the process of marketing more destination weddings with a more upscale approach. This allows me to continue to travel to beautiful exotic locations around the world.”

Bob offers several suggestions for models to remember during each photo shoot. “Bring something to the table. If you have a certain ‘look,’ capitalize on it. Get your rest. Don’t show up late and tired. Most importantly, be professional — it goes a long way with soliciting a photographer’s will to want to help you.”

The Nikon shooter also has some advice for photographers just starting out. “First of all, read up on photography techniques and equipment! Then play around with your gear and practice until you know it inside and out. I’m constantly adjusting settings for the many different environments I come in contact with. Knowing what works is a huge advantage in getting the best possible image right out of the box. Attend workshops and seminars for the type of photography you are most interested in. You’ll consistently pick up tips and tricks that will save you time and money.”

Bob acknowledges that one of the biggest benefits of a life in photography is the people you meet along the way. “Aside from the technical aspects of photography that has allowed me to build a good working knowledge, photography has allowed me the ability to meet some very interesting, charismatic and professional people who all share a common goal — artists who strive for perfection. There is an amazing amount of very talented people out there in the industry, including MUAs to hairstylists. And everyone helps each other when working on ad campaigns, magazines, billboards and Internet projects. Surely, everyone can find your niche in this business if they just keep trying.”

See more of Bob’s work on his OMP Portfolio

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