Stock Tips: Sizing Up Your Stock Photography Images

Dave Crowther OMP Member #78597 has contributed a series of helpful articles on how members can get in on the lucrative business of stock photography. To see past installments, visit the OMP Blog.

How big should your stock photos be? The answer to this question is the bigger you can upload, the more you will make. Many micro-stock agencies pay out royalties based on the size of the image that a licensor downloads.

You will be limited by the quality of camera that you have as to the size of image that is available to upload. I typically shoot in Raw format and after I make appropriate adjustments in Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop, I save as a JPEG and upload to my stock portfolio.

Resist the temptation to up-sample your images to a bigger size. The reviewers are fairly strict and can often tell if you have up-sampled your image. Just be diligent and you will earn enough money to buy the better camera later on.

NEXT TIME: Determining When Model Releases Are Necessary

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