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Amberlynn aka Bella Moore (OMP Model #431906) has been a working model for over a decade. She is a versatile model who is as comfortable shooting lifestyle shots as she is fine art nudes. The Arizona-based talent is also branching out and is working on a book to help models with their diet and exercise regimen. Read on to learn some of her secrets to staying fit and healthy while pursuing a modeling career.

“Five weeks ago at the urging of competition promoters, I entered the Spy On Vegas Hot 100 Bikini Contest. Over the summer, they have been having weekly contests to determine the Hot 100 Winners.

“I drove to Vegas with no expectations other than to have a good time. I now have the distinction of being the only finalist well into my 30s and the only finalist who is a mother of three.  As I prepare for the finals, I thought this would be a good time to share some of the principles that have enabled me to be in better shape now than I was 10 years ago — principles that have put me in the finals against girls much younger than myself.

“Having always followed the beat of a different drum, I didn’t actually start modeling until after having my three children. Most people wouldn’t imagine that modeling would be a choice of job or career after kids, but why make excuses? You can still maintain beauty, fitness and a youthful outlook throughout your life no matter what age!

“There are only two areas of discipline that you must master if you intend to achieve what I call ‘Bare Condition.’  Bare condition means that if you know you look great in the buff then you don’t really have anything to worry about while wearing clothing, including a bikini. These two areas are, of course, food and exercise.

“Every discipline provides multiple rewards — that’s why I start by maintaining a balanced focus with the concept of ‘earning my meals.’ Being Spanish and Italian, I absolutely love to both prepare and eat amazing foods. Rather than starve myself and eat mundane foods, I simply make sure my activity (earning) equals my healthy intake. Deprivation destroys more models than any single thing I can think of. I do not believe in deprivation, and my weight never fluctuates more than three pounds throughout the year.

“The other side of the equation is how to maintain a beautiful body without creating stress fracture and other imbalances through aerobics. I have received many inquiries throughout the years from women wanting the key to staying in shape.  I have developed a series of progressions that I use to keep in shape year around. I call these progressions ‘The Bare Condition Body Workout.’ The workout is being developed into a book, but OMP models and members can download it for free on my website There are six videos, a tracking journal, meal concepts and beauty tips for your enjoyment.

“Using the concepts above, I have made it to the finals and I am going for it all the way in spite of my age or demographic!  I want to be the first mother of three to win this, and more importantly I want to be a good example for women in a way that speaks to the complexes that we all share. This is not about narcissism, it’s about taking care of what you have, and in the end I think it’s okay to feel good. Who says moms can’t be sexy, too?”

See more of Bella on her OMP Website

Image: Thomas Oed/Impact Foto

Check out the Hot 100 in Vegas website

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  1. Pamela Boucher says:

    Wow, you truly are amazing and have always carried yourself with grace and dignity. I wish you all the luck in the world. You deserve it Amber and as I’ve said before you already are a Winner!! You are a great example to the kids and you really make mom proud!! I love you and am cheering for you, You’re such an inspiration that I am heading to the gym right now!! Love, Mom.

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