New York Model-Photographer Sarah Ann Strives for Artistic Beauty

Sarah Ann (OMP Model #321850) began her career as an art model five years ago. Since then, she has worked in a variety of styles and has become a versatile veteran in the industry.

She was inspired to expand her talents by a connected colleague. “Through the influence of a celebrity photographer, I expanded my physical and emotional palette to the point where I’m now comfortable with myself in most any setting. From mega-budget high fashion productions to small-scale personal assignments, I do it all and make a point to treat all my work as equal. If I’m there, I give all the effort and enthusiasm I have to give!”

Sarah Ann relates that helps her make the right connections in the business. “The greatest benefit of this site is its abundance of pure, fine art photographers. These artists are seeking not just a standard commercial model who is willing to pose nude, but a model with a sense of grace and formality about them — a model who feels confident with or without garments. It’s a unique community, and allows access for like-minded image makers and subjects to collide.”

The New York-based model enjoys working on all types of assignments. “I have too many favorites! I adore being nude in nature, shooting in exotic locations, working with film photography and mathematically inspired designs. I’ve gotten to do all of these numerous times. I am absolutely blessed and am grateful for every moment of this experience.”

Sarah Ann has some secrets to success when preparing for photo shoots. “Life as a model means, expect the unexpected! I eat well and exercise on a regular basis, whether I have a shoot scheduled or not. My nails are manicured, hair and skin are kept natural at all times. You never know when you’ll get that phone call!”

Modeling has its pros and cons, according to Sarah Ann. “The rewards of a modeling lifestyle are plentiful! The amazing people you have the chance of meeting, the traveling, the creativity and the opportunity it gives you to open doors in industries outside of image-making. However, time is often less plentiful than if I were to have a typical job. Also, I’m rarely home and that can become tiresome.”

Her advice for models just starting out is short and to the point – “Do your research, self-evaluate, and trust your intuition.”

Sarah Ann has also spent time on the other side of the camera as a photographer. She offers several tips for others to remember when working with nude models. “I can safely say it’s much more overwhelming to be capturing a nude subject than to actually be the photographed subject. Be comfortable with yourself and your abilities. If you’re taken back by the ubiquitous, sometimes overwhelming beauty of the female nude form, try to be as emotionally and mentally present as possible. Acknowledge her beauty and with your best abilities create something meaningful and worthwhile. And absolutely above all, communicate!”

See more of Sarah Ann’s work on her OMP Portfolio

Image by Marco Rothemburger

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3 Responses to New York Model-Photographer Sarah Ann Strives for Artistic Beauty

  1. Love working with this amazing lady. Kind and talented, grace and class. She challenges me to be a better photographer every time we work together. Thanks Sarah.

    OMP #176681

  2. Sarah says:


    You’re a wonderful person and it’s a pleasure to be able to work with you. Thank you so dearly for the kind words.

    Sarah Ann

  3. Vicken says:

    Did she used to work in Montreal?

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