Celebrities Fall for Newest Photography Craze — Planking

OneModelPlace.com members, take note: When it comes to the celebrity world’s latest craze, “everybody’s doing it” seems to be an understatement.

So what is it that’s got everybody from actress Rosario Dawson to singer Justin Bieber getting down (literally) this time? Planking.

Kiki Von Glinow reports on PopEater.com that “planking” is not pirate slang, it is literally the act of laying light as a feather, stiff as a board — like a plank of wood.

But before we delve too far into the art of laying still, that so many celebrities have already mastered, let’s first engage in a bit of planking 101 — from what we’ve learned there are several important planking rules to live by. One can plank on anything and everything. One should enlist a friend to photograph said planking. One must post said photograph to every and any social networking site with a certain level of strategic apathy. One should once again show off said planking skills on as many late night talk shows as possible. And one should definitely be careful when planking — do not attempt this anywhere that might be dangerous, as several people have already been hurt attempting planking.

The danger element hasn’t prevented celebs from trying to plank in a variety of locations. Ever since Rosario Dawson was introduced to the “sport” just a couple of weeks ago, she’s been a planking pro — getting flat on an elephant, on some stairs, on her hair-and-makeup table.

“I just discovered it last week,” Dawson told Chelsea Handler before giving her a tutorial. “You lay face down and you have your hands at your sides and you point your toes.”

Sounds simple enough. But planking isn’t always that innocent.

“I’ve always wanted to do it with you on your desk,” Dawson told Jimmy Kimmel in an interview before planking on the late night show host’s set desk.

Usher, who never falls flat, even got his two little ones — Usher Jr. and Naviyd — in on the craze, planking on a piano.

But that’s not all.  Justin Bieber planked on a boat, Katy Perry planked on a yacht and Chris Brown planked on a circle. Kristen Bell planked on a railing, Ellen Page planked on a traffic cone and Flavor Flav planked on a truck bed.

Read the full article at PopEater.com

Images: Justin Bieber and friend (top), Kristen Bell and friend (bottom)

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