Photo Albums of Child Stars Who Grew Up On-Screen members who love movies will marvel at this photo gallery of child stars who have grown up before our eyes.

Brooke Tarnoff of relates that anyone who saw Natalie Portman (above) steal every scene in “The Professional” back in 1994 knew that gawky 13-year-old was going to be a huge star. And now she is an Oscar-winning actress and a new mom of an infant son as well!

And it seems like just yesterday Freddie Highmore (below) was scampering around movies like “Finding Neverland” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” as a sweet, precocious youngster. But in “The Art of Getting By,” co-starring Emma Roberts, he’s back and (almost) all grown up.

Portman and Highmore join the legion of famous former child stars who’ve reinvented their careers as adults. Check out the members of this esteemed club at

Photo Credits: Natalie Portman by Everett/New Line, Freddie Highmore by Warner Bros./Goldcrest

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