Stock Tips: Getting Started Shooting Stock Photography

Dave Crowther (OMP Member #78597) is contributing a series of helpful articles on how members can get in on the lucrative business of stock photography.

It used to be that you had to have a portfolio with tens of thousands of images, usually in slide form, all catalogued, with model releases in a collection that you would use to be selected to shoot for one of the big stock agencies.  You would be accepted as a stock photographer with the requirement to shoot hundreds of images a month to submit to the agency to help keep their collection complete.

Today, the internet has changed the world of stock photography.  There are hundreds of web based micro-stock companies that have sprung up that have allowed even amateur photographers to be accepted as stock photographers if there work is good enough.  You can even get started with only a handful of images.

To get started, pick your favorite micro-stock website, and go through the application process.  Most require a sample portfolio of 3-4 images to ensure that your work is technically correct (exposure, focus, subject clearly identified, etc.).  I would pick a variety of images, i.e. people, food, product, landscape, nature, etc. to show the approver that you have experience in multiple genres.

Don’t be disappointed if it takes a couple of times to be accepted as a stock photographer.  They are pretty particular about the mechanics in the submission process to try to “hire” photographers that really understand the basics of photography.

After you are accepted, it is time to start uploading.

NEXT TIME: How to Choose a Stock Agency

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