Coed of the Week Joanna Aims for Career as Playboy Model

Illinois talent Joanna (OMP Model #391799) has wanted to model for as long as she can remember. She finally got a chance to step in front of the camera at age 16, and has enjoyed working in the modeling field ever since.

When she was still a teenager, she worked with photographers to build her portfolio. “I discovered OMP from an acquaintance I met through friends. Since joining the site, I have met some wonderful photographers who I’ve shot with and guided me.”

One she became of age, Joanna set her sights on a new career goal. “A few months ago, I went to the local Playboy casting here in Chicago. It was an adrenaline rush, because I’ve wanted to try out for a long time. I just had fun with it and hoped for the best.”

Her best was obviously more than good enough, because she was chosen to come back and shoot for Playboy’s online Coed of the Week feature. “I was selected as Coed of the Week the same day I tried out for Playboy. They asked me to come back and shoot again two days after the casting.”

Joanna relates that she is very passionate about modeling. “I love to be in front of the camera. I’m also determined and hard working, because I realize that it takes more than just a pretty face to make it in this industry. I think I am also reliable and fun to work with.”

She shares her process for getting ready for photo shoots. “I usually follow a regular routine. I maintain a healthy diet and always make sure to work out and take care of my skin. As a model, you never know when an opportunity will come up, so you always have to be ready.”

While on set, Joanna concentrates on always adjusting her facial expressions and poses. She advises other models to do the same, so they can get a variety of looks during the shoot. She also recommends that models figure out where they fit in the modeling industry. “If you are a tall model, you can do runway. If you’re a short model, you can do print, glamour, and commercial work.”

She relates that the rewards of modeling include meeting amazing people and being able to collaborate with them. “It is also really rewarding to be able to do what you love and get paid for it.”

Joanna has several definite goals as a working model. “I hope to go as far as I can with Playboy, and I also want to do print and commercial work. I would love to model for a swimsuit or lingerie company as well.”

See more of Joanna on her OMP Portfolio


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