Vivacious and Versatile Kaitlyn is an OMP Rising Star

Kaitlyn (OMP Model #452589) is a vivacious and versatile young model from Alabama who has been getting lots of attention since she debuted on last year. Not only has the 10-year-old been shooting with lots of OMP photographers, but she admits that she loves modeling more and more with every shoot.

“I love modeling! I really like editorial and location shoots the most. I love working in the studio as well. So I guess it’s safe to say I am a model that is easy to work with. I practice poses everyday and always try to improve on each shoot.”

She got her start as a model through the help of a local photographer. “I was lucky enough to have photographer Tina Rodgers aka Bellus ask me to model Woobie Wear for her. Then I joined a group of models she was working with and gained more experience. I have been modeling ever since. I have had many shoots with her and other amazing photographers.”

The photographer also suggested Kaitlyn’s post a portfolio on “She said that OMP is a benefit to all models and photographers, and she was right. I have had many photographers contact me through OMP. The site also gives us the option to contact photographers as well as other members. It’s an awesome experience to check your OMP page after a shoot to see who has looked at your work!”

She has had great success working with an OMP member from her area. “I have enjoyed working on several shoots with Anthony Boone of Studio B (OMP Member #218679). Anthony is now managing me and helping me to further my modeling career.”

Kaitlyn is very enthusiastic about her modeling career. “Every shoot is exciting to me. I love to have fun and show personality. And I have made a lot of new friends!”

She prepares for a photo shoot several days ahead of time. “When I have a shoot coming up, I try to make sure I have my poses down. My mom and I pick out the outfits the photographer asks for, as well as some looks of our own. I always make sure I get a good night’s sleep so I don’t look tired. I always want to give the photographer the look that they want.”

During her shoots, the young model likes to get involved with the creative process. “I try to always keep in mind the looks that the photographer wants, but at the same time add my own twist to it. I want to be serious, but make sure I am having fun doing the shoot.”

Kaitlyn feels she has been lucky in the industry so far, and has received many benefits. “I think the biggest reward is always the next shoot. I realized that you get farther in this business if you have OMP! So far I have won over 30 Showcases. I have been chosen as Image of the Day, and also won the Springtime Model Competition. I am always excited to read the OMP Blog and Forums, and see the other beautiful photos in the Galleries and on portfolios.”

This talented youth has some awesome advice for models just starting out. “Never give up! It’s not an overnight process, but the ride along the way is amazing. Always work on improving yourself, and most importantly, have fun!”

Image by Anthony Boone of Studio B (OMP Member #218679)

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