Massachusetts Model Adele Excited About Opportunities at Shoot the Centerfold Seminar & Model Search June 4-5

Massachusetts model Adele (OMP Model #62652) is a longtime OMP member who will be participating in the upcoming “Shoot the Centerfold” seminar in Las Vegas, NV, co-sponsored by The weekend workshop will take place June 4-5 at the Tropicana Hotel. Limited tickets are still available for interested models and photographers to attend the event – visit for all the details.

The brunette beauty is looking forward to attending the “Shoot the Centerfold” event in Las Vegas.  “I’ve always dreamed of being a Playboy model, and this is the opportunity of a lifetime to fulfill my dream. I would be proud to be a representative of what they stand for, and am confident that I possess the qualities and the style that they seek. The ‘Shoot the Centerfold’ event will also allow me to interact with photographers, models and industry professionals in a fun and exciting environment.”

Adele is also excited about participating in the Top Model Search and photo shoot, which is taking place at the Nikki Beach Tropical Pool on Sunday June 5 from 1pm to 5pm. The competition is free to join, and open to any interested model age 21 and over. “I am very much looking forward to the model shoot on Sunday, where I’ll be modeling with other models and three Playboy Centerfolds and working with the photographer attendees.”

She relates that other models can definitely benefit from attending the Centerfold event. “It’s an excellent opportunity for any model who aspires to be in Playboy. You can meet top-notch industry professionals, all concentrated in one fun environment. In addition, meeting other models with the same aspirations, sharing experiences and building relationships, will benefit everyone; it’s a win-win situation.

Adele started modeling in her early 20s while attending college. “At that time, I was very busy with school and just starting my career in the corporate world. I ended up taking a break from modeling because of that, and only recently started back up again. About six months ago, I just woke up one day with a strong feeling that this was it — it was time again to do what I love. I came back full force, more determined that ever. It’s not the things we do that we often regret, but the things we do not do. I didn’t want to have that regret.”

Her first experience with modeling was not planned. “I was a manager at a company that sold photography equipment. We were having a photo shoot and in need of a model. They asked me to be a model for the shoot, and I said yes because it looked like a lot of fun. It was at that shoot when I realized that I loved modeling! That night, as soon as I got home, I went online to get more information on how get started as a model, and then I found I signed up right away, and that was the start of my career.” has helped Adele promote herself in the industry. “OMP has given me the foundation and opportunity to network with photographers, makeup artists, fashion designers and other models. Not only is it a terrific communication tool, it also provides insight on what’s going on in the industry globally. It has articles that are pertinent to makeup and posing and it also lists casting calls; these are all invaluable tools of the trade.”

The focused fashion model describes herself as “very down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and a ton of fun. I’m extremely dedicated and passionate, and there is no goal that is unreachable to me. When I have a goal that I want to achieve, there is no stopping me. I give it my all and never quit. The secret is to envision yourself achieving that goal, staying positive and working hard for what you want.”

She recalls some of her favorite shoots and credits. “In the beginning of my career, I did a lot of fashion runway modeling. It’s so exciting to be part of such a lively atmosphere engulfed with loud music and the cheers of a large audience. Over time, I’ve expanded my experience to studio and location shoots for fashion, lingerie, glamour, editorial and commercial photography. This style of modeling is my favorite since the opportunities are endless. It allows me to express myself and portray the different aspects of my personality. I especially love the creative process, starting with a vision, a blank slate, and making it come true with amazing photos that capture not only my look, but my personality too. Working with talented and experienced photographers, like Charlie Cafarella of LC Studios (OMP Member #106180), has enabled me to further explore the creative side of me. He is absolutely terrific, and excellent to work with in many ways. I highly recommend him to any model that is looking to grow and try new things all the while having an awesome time in the process.”

Adele believes that being fully prepared for a photo shoot is absolutely critical to the success of the shoot. “It is my responsibility as a model to be at my very best at all times. First thing I do in preparation for a shoot is to work with the photographer gathering the details of the shoot in terms of concept and objectives. I study other images constantly, in portfolios or publications. That helps tremendously to connect a visual concept in my mind with the outcome of a pose. My daily routine includes exercising, getting plenty of rest, eating right and drinking a lot of water. I follow this routine religiously, whether I have a shoot tomorrow, next week or next month. It is so important to always be on top of your game. It is also important to understand your body and learn how to move in-between shots and pose so that every shot is a great shot. The key to mastering poses comes from a combination of practice, asking for feedback and studying my prior shots to see where I could have made a picture better with a slight modification of a facial expression or body placement. If I need to bring certain items, I make sure they are packed and ready to go the night before. This avoids last minute running around and forgetting something.”

While on a shoot, Adele approaches each assignment as if it was an acting exercise. “I visualize a situation, and that allows me to express an emotion or a pose. It starts with the eyes, a glance, a smile or a tease. The rest is formed using the pose as a means of expression, enhanced with angles.”

Modeling has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for Adele. “It allows me to me myself, and motivates me more than anything else in my life. The most rewarding aspect of a modeling career is that the harder you work for it, the more you will get in return. You can go as far as you push yourself. I get to do something that I love which inspires me.”

She thrives on challenges, and considers them the driving force that motivates her. “With modeling, the challenge always exists. Every style and shot requires me to take on a new approach; how to fit an expression, a body language, a mood, or a glance into an image that provokes a memorable impact. The creative process will always present the challenge and opportunity to learn and excel.”

Adele offers some excellent advice for aspiring models. “Be yourself, act natural and stay open to suggestions. Be in tune with the direction of the photographer. Stay professional throughout the session. And above all, have fun; creating a comfortable aura shows in the shots. Remember, you are there to portray an image.”

The Top Model Search is completely free and open to any model candidate interested in becoming a “Shoot The Centerfold” Top Model. Thousands of dollars in cash and prizes await the winners who are also eligible to receive a one-year modeling contract with “Shoot The Centerfold.” This event grants you exclusive access to Playboy photographers of past and present — Arny Freytag, David Mecey, Jarmo Pohjaniemi (OMP Member #68348) and Ric Moore.

Not only will models have incredible submission photos taken by Ric Moore for your portfolio, they will also have photo opportunities with Playboy Centerfolds. Visit to learn about the Preferred VIP Weekend Package for $499 for models at The Tropicana Hotel and Casino. The package includes:

– 3 Days and 2 Nights Deluxe Room Accommodations at The Tropicana

– Hotel with Complimentary Breakfast at Cafe Nikki

– Exclusive Red Carpet Access to all our VIP Events at Club Nikki & The Nikki Beach Pool

– Exclusive Access to Saturday’s seminar with legendary Playboy Photographers and Playboy Centerfolds to improve your knowledge in today’s modeling environment

– Have your portfolio reviewed by Gary Cole, Playboy Magazine’s longtime Director of Photography

– Casting test shoot and a personal portfolio image shot by Playboy photographer Ric Moore

To register for the event and for additional info and photo submissions, send your contact info to or call Jon at 305-389-7698.

Photos by Charlie Cafarella of LC Studios (OMP Member #106180)

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