Boston Beauty Lauren is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Boston model Lauren (OMP Model #229296) had a particular goal in mind when she began modeling. “I have always wanted to appear in Playboy magazine, so I decided to build up a portfolio. A friend of mine actually submitted my pictures to the Playboy Girls of Golf, and I did some events for them. Then more opportunities started skyrocketing from there.”

Some of her favorite assignments came directly from joining “When I was first starting out, I just Googled the word ‘modeling’ and read great reviews about OMP. I’ve been a member ever since. OMP is where I began my career, and I love this site for it.”

One experience Lauren is very proud of is her participation at the OMP Bodypainting Workshop in Boston. “Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it. It was sheer madness, but in a good way. Picture getting to do eight different shoots and meeting awesome people all day long – while in your birthday suit! Not normal to most, but definitely normal to me. It was also nice, because my friend got to model with me. It’s something we shared, and look back on together now. I got to meet and work with great photographers and artists, and ended up with some killer shots for my portfolio!”

The brown-eyed beauty is determined to both make a career out of modeling and have fun in the process. “I have tried to be a full-time model, but it’s almost impossible with the current economy. Also, I’m selective about the assignments I accept. And I like to have fun, while being professional at the same time. I especially love to collaborate on ‘themed’ photo shoots, because I believe every picture tells a story.”

Lauren has a refreshing take on the modeling lifestyle. “One thing I like to do when preparing for shoots is eat! It’s so misleading to hear that some models don’t eat before shoots or starve themselves – that’s not me at all!  I need my energy, and besides everyone is cranky if they’re hungry, so I highly recommend having a healthy meal before a shoot. As for exercise, I could say that I work out, but I don’t! The closest thing to a workout that I get is running after my dogs. Maybe I should start getting back to the gym!”

When she is in the studio or on location, Lauren always concentrates on trying to get the perfect shot. “It really helps if you chit-chat and get to know the photographer, otherwise things can get uncomfortable very quickly. It will be written all over your face if you are, and that will show in the final images. I find that the more comfortable I am with the person I’m shooting with, the better the shots turn out, and the less of them we have to take. You can get three good pictures from a regular shoot, or you can get 300 good ones if you get along with the photographer.”

She relates that there are many rewards and challenges to pursuing a modeling career. “The rewards are having fun and capturing great images. I choose each project knowing that it’s something I love doing and I’m going to love looking back on. Also, it’s great to meet new people and form professional relationships. But there are challenges, including scheduling shoots between work and family. And maintaining a positive body image is also important. It takes a toll on you to look a certain way all the time. That’s probably the biggest challenge facing models these days.”

Lauren advises models to be careful and check references when working with new people in the business. “There are plenty of great people out there, but there are also people who are looking to take advantage of you. Even if you don’t bring an escort every time you shoot, always let someone know where you are going and the name of the person you will be working with. And take the time to always read a model release or contract before you sign anything.”

The delightful and determined model is definitely on track toward a successful career. “Modeling is a passion of mine, and I’m driven to work hard every day to make it. Hopefully one day I will grace the pages of Playboy Magazine! Best of luck to all the models and photographers out there who have their own personal goal as well!”

See more of Lauren’s images on her OMP Portfolio

Image by John Busick

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