Powerful Plane Patterns Exposed By Extended Shutter Speeds

As summer approaches, many OneModelPlace.com models and members will be traveling across the country and around the world for photo shoots and family gatherings — which means more and more airplanes will be jetting around in the sky. But have you ever stopped to wonder what kinds of patterns these carriers create? Well, the pictures below have captured their unseen routes by using time-exposure camera techniques.

Caveman Circus has compiled these intriguing images for a little insight into the repetitive and unusual patterns that planes make on takeoff and departure. Then the next time you are near an airport, you may want to give it a shot as well. If you’ve never tried it before, simply attach your camera to a tripod and set your shutter speed to a longer than normal duration. The results may surprise you!

See all the images at CavemanCircus.com

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