Jessica is the OMP Hot Model of the Weekend

Jessica (OMP Model #43856) is a working model from Ohio who has long been a favorite here on She solidified her place in the OMP Hall of Fame by finishing in first place in our Holiday Competition.

Although she began modeling as a child, Jessica didn’t really focus on it as a career choice until she was 18. “In the beginning, I had some picture taken at MoToPhoto, and they asked me to do some work for them. I also was doing pageants, which opened some doors.”

A manager recommended that Jessica sign up for to further her career. “I am glad that I did. I have gotten some great jobs from having a portfolio on OMP, and a lot of exposure. I have also met some amazing models and photographer from being on this site. I have to say the staff here has been wonderful to me, too!”

Describing herself as outgoing and very professional, this all-natural beauty loves to try new looks on every assignment. “I love to try to bring something new to the table each shoot. I don’t think I can choose a favorite shoot I’ve been on… Let’s just say the shoot I am working on at the time is my favorite! If I had to choose one, my favorite assignment would probably be when I shot the cover of a fashion magazine in Spain, along with a seven-page layout. The crew referred to me as one of America’s top models, which I thought was funny, but it sounded great.”

In preparation for a photo shoot, Jessica makes sure to get a good night sleep and stay well hydrated. During shoots, she concentrates on getting the best images with the photographer and enjoying the process.

She weighs the positive and negative aspects of modeling. “The rewards are the outcome of your work. The challenges are staying fit and always looking good while trying to get the best images you can.”

Jessica has some great advice for models just starting out. “Always be true to yourself. Keep your morals and values intact. Remember, you don’t have to take your clothes off to be a good model, and you don’t need implants to be beautiful. I was asked recently if I got paid for shooting nudes. My answer is no. I don’t shoot nude, but I do shoot implied. Sometimes well-placed arms and legs can make a model in a bikini look nude, so you can’t always believe what you see. Models should always think before they shoot and determine what they are willing to do for the sake of art.”

She also has some terrific tips for photographers to remember when working with models. “One main thing to remember is that your shoot with a model is a team effort. When you view the images, get the models input. Some of my most awesome images from a shoot, the photographer never actually selected. If I wasn’t sent all my images on a CD, I would never have seen them. Some photographers only send you a couple images that they like. But just because someone likes a certain shot, doesn’t make it the only shot that can be used. So I want to remind the photographers to share in the decision-making with the models. One image of mine — that the photographer never really looked at — ended up on the cover of a magazine. So trust the model if she is experienced. Also, always be respectful and never cross the line — that goes for models as well. Lastly, enjoy yourself and have fun with the shoot. If you have fun, the model will have fun and relax more. Then the model can feel free to give it her all and give you some amazing looks!”

Check out more of Jessica’s images on her OMP Portfolio

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