Former Model Svetlana of SKC Photography Now Calls the Creative Shots

Svetlana of SKC Photography (OMP Member #193035) started in the industry as a model before finding her true calling behind the camera lens. “I was watching my photographers, seeing what they were doing and asking them questions. I was also learning Photoshop by retouching images and using plug-ins. I always liked taking pictures of people, flowers, places I visited. So one day I invited my friend to my house and took a bunch of pictures of her. She really liked them, so I invited another friend, and then another, and so on. Now I have shots with over 50 models, and some of them I worked with several times.”

The Florida resident’s interest in the field led her to joining “I was about 30 when I realized that I am not getting younger, so I decided to take nude pictures. I started looking for photographers, and a fellow model suggested that OMP was a site that I could use to meet professional photographers and book photo shoots. That’s how I met Brad Miller (OMP Member #177544). He was my first photographer, and one of the best I have ever shot with. Before I met him I was really nervous to undress in front of a stranger with a camera, but when I met Brad, he changed my perspective. He was easy to work with and made me feel comfortable. After my first photo shoot, I wanted to try more, and that’s how it became addictive.” has allowed Svetlana to effectively promote both careers. “OMP allows me to display my images, find models, and research other photographers’ work, which helps me to learn more about styles and techniques. OMP also helps build your self-esteem, by selecting photos as Images of the Day and awarding Showcases. Since I became a featured photographer on OMP, I feel more confident in my work.”

Another OMP colleague has helped inspire her shooting style. “I was inspired by a photographer who I worked with and became friends with when I was a model. His name is Rick McCawley (OMP Member #198310). We shot lots of artistic-glamour-fashion looks, and it became my style of photography as well.”

Svetlana’s experience as a model has helped her as a photographer in several ways. “It helped me a lot, because now I understand how a model feels in front of the camera. I know how to help the model to find an appropriate pose, expression and style. I try to make them relaxed, and use humor to help them feel more comfortable.”

She offers several suggestions for models to remember during a shoot. “Be yourself and don’t try poses which don’t go with your style. Don’t shoot what you don’t want to shoot. Don’t agree on working with an unprofessional photographer, or a person whose work you don’t really like. You will be very disappointed.”

Svetlana also has some straightforward advice for photographers who are just getting into the business. “Just shoot. The more the better. And forget about rules!”

See more of Svetlana’s images on her OMP Portfolio

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