LoveMarie is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

LoveMarie (OMP Model ID# 438758) is a working model whose hard work is about to pay off. After being selected as a Cyber Girl of the Month for, she is currently being featured in Playboy’s Special Editions on newsstands now.

The blonde beauty recently shot in Florida with Playboy photographer Jarmo Pohjaniemi (OMP Member #68348). “The shoot was amazing. We shot in Hibiscus Isles in South Beach Miami. It was so much fun. Jarmo and his crew were just amazing and a blast to work with. Mary Alejo (OMP Model #244761) was the makeup/hairstylist on set and she was also amazing to work with – we hit it off so well. They’re even having Hugh Hefner take a look at my pics for possible Playmate or Centerfold consideration. I can honestly say I walked away from that shoot learning so much about modeling and the industry. I loved it and can’t wait to shoot again for Playboy.”

She got her first taste of modeling when she was rather young. “My mother and I went to a casting call, and they felt I was a perfect match for the company. My mother had paid for me to attend modeling school, but that turned out to be a complete waste of money and time. I really started to pursue modeling when I was about 21.”

LoveMarie discovered through a friend who recommended the site and said OMP had given her successful results. “That’s when I got a big break — I was able to set up so much work through the site. I couldn’t believe how much traffic I was receiving through It opened the doors for a lot of opportunities. I love the fact that OMP offers showcase images that allow the model to be highlighted as well as the photographer who shot the image. It allows photographers from all over the world to view my work and contact me for possible shoots.”

The Connecticut resident made a full-time commitment to modeling about nine months ago. “The experience has been amazing. I have worked with fashion and glamour photographers in New York, and have spent several months in South Florida shooting swimwear on the beach and shooting commercial work.”

She describes herself as being energetic, directed and focused. “I love what I do, modeling is a passion of mine. When I’m on set it’s like everything else doesn’t matter anymore it’s just me and the camera.”

Preparing for a photo shoot means getting all the details in advance for LoveMarie. “Knowing what the content is that I am going to be shooting always helps. Also, knowing whether it’s going to a location shoot or a studio shoot. I like to bring pose sheets with me so I can try and incorporate my own ideas and style into the shoot.”

Focusing on the task at hand is her main goal during each assignment. “I concentrate on listening to the ideas and concepts that the photographer and art director are putting forth. I really want to achieve the look they need and give them what looks best.”

The positive results that the final product delivers is the best reward for LoveMarie. “The biggest reward of modeling is knowing that your images are being viewed by thousands of people. I want to make sure that rejection does not enter into my realm, because I’m always looking for the next opportunity.”

LoveMarie offers some great advice to models just starting in the business. “I would advise new models to be unique in what you can offer. You should be comfortable with yourself and know what poses look best for you. Understand that there are many different poses and looks, and have the skill set to know a number of them and not be stiff and repetitious. Practice in the mirror, always be prepared for rejection and never give up on your dreams.”

Image of LoveMarie by Bruce Herlitschek of The Art of Images (OMP Member #211793)

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