Katie is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Katie (OMP Model #102087) started modeling during college, between finishing her Bachelor’s degree and beginning her Master’s studies. Judging from her amazing portfolio and resume, it seems like she made the right choice of electives. Since stepping in front of the camera, this blond bombshell has found success in almost every aspect of modeling, including publications, tradeshows, commercials, TV/film, runway and sporting events.

Her first modeling assignment was for a very important client. “I paid a photographer to take photos of me for my boyfriend. Then I met another model, Kara Lee (OMP Model #66289), and she introduced me to the concept. She also told me who to contact and showed me OneModelPlace.com.”

Katie developed her OMP portfolio with the help of her profile manager Cameron from DC Pro Modeling (OMP Member #88809). “OneModelPlace.com has been incredible for my modeling, acting, and commercial entertainment career. I book most of my work using OMP, and the site helped me get one of my favorite national prints in ‘American Curves’ magazine by selecting me to be in the contest for the print work. It’s been an incredible experience with OMP!”

Anyone who has collaborated with Katie would agree with her assessment that she brings excitement and spontaneity to every shoot. “I’m not shy and I love to laugh. But, I’m also very professional, timely, and flexible in terms of ideas and concepts. I would have to say I’m pretty easy to work with!”

Many of her favorite modeling experiences have also came about as a direct result of using OneModelPlace.com. “My ultimate assignment was going with OMP to Las Vegas in 2007. I got to shoot with so many photographers and got a great video out of it! I worked with Playboy makeup artists, and I won the chance to be in a show at Pure – the nation’s number one nightclub! It was amazing!”

Focusing on her daily health regime helps Katie stay in shape as a working model. “I stick to my strict vegetarian, non-soy, non-dairy diet. It’s that simple. Then, I make sure to stay flexible so I don’t hurt myself on the shoot. I also practice facial expressions and poses in the mirror days before, just to see if I can come up with something new or creative.”

During photo shoots, Katie mainly concentrates on three things. “I work on gradual changes in microexpression, presenting my assets in the best light possible, and finding creative ways to play down any flaws or hindrances on the shoot.”

The rewards of modeling for Katie include building physical strength as well as building character. “First, it’s a great workout. Second it’s extremely revealing, in the sense that your flaws are on display and you have to own them with pride. That builds character. Photos are forever, and once they’re out, they’re out. You really have to have a solid understanding of that concept, as well as a solid understanding of who you are and who you’re not. You have to be able to take criticism for both who you are and who you’re not, and what you are and what you’re not. Nothing builds character more than that process!”

Katie’s message to models just starting out is a positive one. “My advice is to be kind to everyone. There’s no sense in anything less than kindness!”

See more of Katie’s images and credits on her OMP Portfolio

Photo of Katie by Imagezz.com (OMP Member #9087)

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