Chicago Native Nikilett is an OMP Rising Star

Nikilett (OMP Model #390468) started modeling two years ago after being encouraged by a local photographer to give it a shot. “My cousin and I needed to get school pictures taken, so we set up a photo shoot. The photographer John Kramer of J.L.K. Images & Model Management (OMP Member #8742) suggested I give modeling a try. I was a little scared, but i did it, and here I am!”

After the photo shoot, John helped her post her portfolio on “OMP was my very first site that I showcased my pictures on. I wasn’t aware of it until I started modeling and my manager John Kramer got my page set up for me and we have been adding to it ever since.

She got a chance to meet and learn from the staff of in 2009. “When I was first starting out, OMP hosted the Chicago ‘In the Click’, where I first met the OMP staff, various photographers, and other models who gave me advice on posing, makeup, and everything else! The advice still helps me to this day and since then I’ve been able to display my work on OMP and be contacted by numerous photographers around the world.”

The Chicago resident relates that she treats modeling as if it were any other job. “I make sure I always look my best and give nothing less than 100%. I love modeling, and I am very determined to get as far as I can.”

She says the she absolutely loves fashion shows. “Who doesn’t!? It’s a blast being able to strut your stuff on the runway, in beautiful clothes surrounded by a room full of high energy people! I recently did the National Bridal Show in Chicago. It was so amazing. The gowns were beautiful and wearing them was awesome.”

Nikilett typically takes 2-3 hours to get ready for photo shoots. “What can I say, I’m a girl! And normally I pack everything I might need the night before a shoot. That way I don’t have to rush in the morning.”

She believes that the most important thing during a shoot is having fun. “If you’re not having a good time, it will show through in the pictures. I always concentrate on my posing as well, making sure each capture doesn’t look the same. Once you let loose, the posing will come natural and make for a great shoot!”

This rising talent points out that there are many rewards and challenges of modeling. “I would have to say the most challenging thing is coming up with different ideas for shoots. Being creative is what it’s all about and after awhile it gets hard thinking of new ones! However, it is fun to look through magazines for new concept ideas and then putting your own twist on it. My favorite thing about modeling is how every photographer has their own way of shooting. It’s great to be able to work with such talented people and then get to see the end result of how nice the pictures turned out.”

Her advice for models just starting out is based on personal experience. “When I first started modeling I really did not know too much about the industry. I think the most important thing is finding someone to help you, like a manager. When I had my first photo shoot I was so nervous and stood there like a plank of wood, but my photographer John taught me how to pose, dress, and become comfortable in front of the camera. It’s hard starting off by yourself so it’s good to find someone who can teach you all of those things, and it’s especially helpful knowing someone with connections in the industry.”

See more of Nikilett’s images on her OMP Portfolio

Photo by John Kramer of J.L.K. Images

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