OMP Career Corner: Starting Points and Stepping Stones

Maybe you have been thriving as a working model for the past 15 years. Maybe you’ve been striving as an up-and-coming model for the past 15 months. Maybe you just thought about diving into modeling for the past 15 minutes (just after you logged on to for the first time). Whatever category you fit in, one thing is certain – you have to start somewhere.

The problem is, where exactly do you start?

Compared to models, people going into other occupations have it relatively easy. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, journalists, architects, even rocket scientists — if they stay in school and qualify to do their job, they can usually find paid positions right after college. Many of them have career placement opportunities, or are approached by companies offering to hire them. Each of these are extremely difficult professions to get into, but if you study hard and take all the proper steps, you can pretty much go into whichever of those fields you choose.

But landing a career in modeling is different. A simple, straightforward path to steady employment and long-term success as a model does not exist. This is especially true in the current economy, where advertising budgets are tightened, meaning less chances to book work in commercials, magazines, trade shows, etc. You can do everything correctly — enroll in a reputable school, keep yourself physically and mentally prepared, network and promote yourself, even get scouted by a legitimate agency — and it still does not guarantee you a paying job or even a tear sheet, let alone a full-time career.

That’s basically the reality of the situation. But don’t give up all hope on modeling and rush to fill out that day-job application just yet – there is a positive side to the story. Since there is no one way to get into modeling, that means there are countless possible ways to get into modeling. You just have to find the one that works best for you.

It used to be true that modeling could lead you to a career as an actor or actress. Well, that trend has been reversed in recent years — many of today’s “supermodels” are actually actresses first. If you look at the front pages of most high-profile magazines, you can count a lot more film and TV celebrities than traditional runway and fashion models. So if any of you have a desire to act, that may be your way in to the modeling world.

Singers are also booked as spokesmodels for big-name companies who used to use models to sell their products. Musicians endorse all types of products and services. So if you sing in the shower, you may want to see if your vocal talents can transform you into model material.

There are many other directions you can take to get “discovered” as a model. Athletes make the transition all the time, despite whether they succeed in their sport or not. Starting young can help – babies and kids garner lots of commercial contracts before they are old enough to sign their names. Dancers, news reporters, reality show contestants, even socialites (like the Kardashian sisters) catch the eye of the media and parlay their moment in the spotlight into lucrative modeling jobs.

Aside from all these possible-but-not-probable shortcuts to modeling, most success stories get where they are at through a combination of hard work, persistence, networking, relocating, ingenuity, timing, and luck. Being in the right place at the right time can’t hurt, and taking chances is always a good way to stand out in the crowd (so is being 5’11″).

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Image: The Bellus Girls by Ashley White Photography

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One Response to OMP Career Corner: Starting Points and Stepping Stones

  1. Kaitlyn says:

    We know exactily what you are saying is so true! It is even harder for the younger models to get paid work. We just try to keep producing great photos & wait for my turn in a sence I guess. Its hard when there are so many that are as good or better than me. I just want to keep working hard on my Port & also in school even though I am so young. I try to get better at every shoot & Pass every Test in school! I know that if it wasn`t for OMP I would NOT be as far as I am now in the Modeling world. I use it to show my work, but also use it to look for great Photogs, admire other Models work & get alot of advice from OMP! Don`t know what we would do without it! This article is exactly what I needed to see, it gives me some encouragement to keep moving foward & to work hard in school! Thanks for the info OMP & love your Photo! Kaitlyn

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