OMP Success Story – Dan Warner of Carpe Lux Photography

Dan Warner of Carpe Lux Photography (OMP Member #205825) relates that his OMP Success Story started when he  joined back in January of 2008.

“Since joining OMP, I have been building my portfolio with some of my best work. As with anything, the more you do it the better you get, and so my portfolio got better and better. A few Showcase images turned into 40, then 50, and then 100+.

“There have been times when I wondered why I was spending so much time on this site when I really wasn’t making enough money from my photography to justify the time spent. Then, in December I got a phone call from a management company that handled comedian Ron White. They wanted me to shoot Ron White’s new website and all his promotional materials.

“The company also manages Playboy Playmate Crystal Harris (OMP Model #142509). They liked my work so much that they had me shoot Crystal Harris at the Playboy Mansion, and now want me to shoot Crystal’s new album cover. When I asked them how they found me, they told me they found me on! How about that!

“Now I’m in line to shoot more of Ron’s stuff as well as other clients that the management company represents. Also, I believe I will be only the third photographer on to actually reach over 500 Showcase images, which is quite a feat given the deep talent pool of photographers that are on the site. I was also honored to win the Photographer Competition in December and am looking forward to many more years on this site. Thanks, OMP!”

Image of model Chezca by Dan Warner of Carpe Lux Photography

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