Victoria Secret Accused of Another Photoshop Fail

Victoria’s Secret is the subject of ridicule again, after their creative team appeared to have airbrushed out large parts of a model’s thighs in an image for the lingerie company.

According to DailyMail’s Tamara Abraham, a model in a bright blue linen beach romper was pictured with unnaturally thin legs in a picture posted on the company’s website (top right). She had also been given a bizarre concave shape to her inner thighs.

Fashion blogs recently slammed the company, comparing the photograph to one taken last year of Marisa Miller, whose arm was removed in the digital retouching process.

‘When will big brands like Victoria’s Secret (and Ralph Lauren and Ann Taylor and H&M) learn that no one finds this appealing?’ it said.

Victoria’s Secret had used the same image to show a black version of the garment, but the model wearing the cream colourway seemed to have a more realistic leg shape, with the shadows and shine that the others lack.

The lingerie company is the latest in a series of high-profile brands that have been accused of overzealous retouching

Ralph Lauren came under fire two years ago after a series of campaign images in which its models were Photoshopped to look impossibly skinny.

Model Filippa Hamilton’s waist was made so small, it was narrower in width than her head.

Just a week later, another image emerged of Valentina Zelyaeva in which her hips and thighs had been whittled down to an almost skeletal degree. An original, unretouched version served as evidence of the label’s heavy-handed art direction .

And last year Ann Taylor revealed its Photoshop faux pas in a thumbnail version of an image on its website, showing how a model’s waist had been narrowed by several inches.

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