Bailey Devonish is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Bailey Devonish (OMP  Model #385845) has modeled since the age of 17. She started pursuing the career full-time three years later, and has found success as a working and traveling model ever since.

Her interest in modeling grew out of an early desire to be a photographer. “I would ask my friends to pose for me, but they were always so self-conscious and insecure, which will ruin everything. So when they started getting into photography as well, they would ask me to pose for them, and it just all came very naturally to me. Then I started posing for professional photographers such as Brad Miller of Natural Beauty Photography (OMP Member #177544) while being mentored by fellow model Melissa Trout (OMP Model #367392).

She discovered most of her colleagues and collaborators right here on “I found OMP through a photographer friend, and then I realized that everyone seemed to get there work from there! The website has made it really easy to network with many others in the business.”

The New York resident describes herself as a versatile model. “I am a lover of all art and genres; a method model.”

Preparing for a photo shoot is second nature to Bailey nowadays. “I choose what I’m going to take the night before, and pack what I can. I try to keep it to just the necessities. I also do my nails the night before. The day of the shoot, I get ready as I normally would… shower, makeup, hair. I drink a cup of ginseng green tea and repare to be excited. Every experience is different and I refuse to take things for granted.

This is what she concentrates on during a shoot: “The moment. The connection. The scene or situation inside my mind. The way I feel.”

Bailey finds that the most fulfilling aspect of a modeling career is the chance to create a personal connection with the viewer. “The reward is being noticed for your expression. Every time I look into the camera I’m staring into the eyes of everyone looking at me. My soul is screaming whatever my truths are. Even if it’s of pure bliss in a coy, shy sense. I also love all the traveling and the chance to connect with so many different artistic people!”

As far as advice for models just starting out, Bailey offers, “Make modeling your specific craft, just as a photographer, actress, or fashion designer would. Be knowledgeable about the business, the people, and the artistic qualities. Always be progressing. And know what your limits are. If you don’t want to do something, either personally or for the sake of your reputation, then do not do it. Regretting it afterwards isn’t going to help whatsoever. And makes things work for you if you do decide to do something. Own what you do. Be proud.”

She also has three tips for photographers to remember when working with nude models. “Make the model feel very comfortable, safe, and accepted. Suggest the model come in loose clothes that won’t cause press marks on their skin, or have them come earlier and change ahead of time into a robe. Also, let her loose to do her poses. She knows what works for her body. However, go ahead and suggest tips that may help her flatter her body even further if you do see possible adjustments.”

Bailey has some savvy suggestions for models who want to travel. “Use Southwest whenever possible!!! You can look at their Low Fare Calendar to choose when the cheapest flight would be and then you can buy your plane ticket early so it’s cheap, but refund it for credit extremely easily if you need to change the dates! With many other airlines, your plane ticket is nonrefundable. Also, the earlier you plan your trip the better!”

See more of Bailey on her OMP Portfolio

Photo credit: Jesse Walker of Walker1812Photography

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