OMP Success Story — Polish-American Model Ania

Ania (OMP Model #417265) is an OMP Success Story straight out of the Windy City. Here is her account in her own words:

“I am a flirtatious and loving Polish-American model, born in 1984 in Chicago. I am a self-made sensation who knew early on that I was destined to work in the fashion world.

“I began my modeling career in 2003 with FYR Model and BornABabe. For the next several years, modeling was a very spontaneous hobby. I attended cosmetology school and had trouble finding my place in the world. However, through drive and dedication, I transitioned from the young playful girl to become a business-minded and talented model in Chicago.

“After losing my father two years ago, I was faced with a reality check. I thought, ‘Life is too short. You can’t live with regrets.’ As a result of this tragedy, I have been living with the hope that my father would be proud of me doing what I truly love, modeling.

“My personal philosophy is, ‘We are models, but we are also role models.’ So, why are today’s models making girls feel so desperate to be a distorted image of beauty and perfection, ultimately resulting in young females with eating disorders, a lack of confidence and even depression? Where have our priorities gone? We have a huge responsibility, something that many models have forgotten. Girls around the world should never envy models or want to be a carbon-copy of them. They should look at models and think, ‘I can do that, too!’ This is not about competition, it’s about inspiration!

“I would like to be known for being a role model — not just a fashion model. I take pride in being a very diverse and versatile model with principles and class.

“This year, I hired a manager, Mark Niemi of Creative Images & Model Management (OMP Member #8742), who has really gotten my career in high-gear. I am looking forward to making a difference in the world and the fashion/modeling industry. I have worked hard to make a dent in the industry and have hopefully inspired many of those around me.

“I have met so many unforgettable individuals in this industry and hope to meet many more! I appreciate everyone who has helped me come this far, and I welcome the challenges and look forward to learning much more from every person whose path I happen to cross.”

You can see more images of Ania on her OMP Portfolio

Image of Ania by Mark Niemi of Creative Images & Model Management

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