Tara is the OMP Hot Model of the Weekend

Tara (OMP Model #447497) has only been modeling for a short while but has already been getting the attention of the industry. Like many models, she started by posing for a friend and ended up pursuing it for a career.

One major step for her has been creating a portfolio on OneModelPlace.com. Since she first discovered the website online, this Florida resident has collaborated with several OMP photographers and is gearing up to work with many more.

She describes herself as being “very hard-working and creative. I’m not afraid to try new things. And I am super-friendly. I like to make my photographers laugh.”

To prepare for photo shoots, Tara has a routine when getting ready. “I do my makeup, try different poses and facial expressions in the mirror, and just try to get into whatever character I’m planning to portray.”

During a session, she simply focuses on the task at hand.  “Once we start shooting, I concentrate on relaxing and getting the right image.”

The rewards of modeling are what keeps Tara motivated. “It’s a lot of fun, and it allows you to meet new and interesting people.”

Tara has two suggestions for her fellow models just starting out in the business. “Be creative and have fun!”

To see more of Tara, check out her OMP Portfolio

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