Impress Simon With Your X-Factor, Win $5 Million Contract members– Have you got what it takes to impress Simon Cowell? Here’s your chance to prove it.

Tim Nudd from reports that the former Idol judge is challenging Americans from coast to coast to audition for his new Fox showThe X Factor – and is dangling a $5 million recording contract in front of them as the grand prize.

“We want someone who’s going to be a global superstar,” the acerbic Brit, 51, says in a video on the show’s website. “That’s why you’ve got to enter this show. You’ve got the ‘X factor.’ You think you can take everyone on. Bring it on.”

The singing show will feature contestants in four categories:

– young women

– young men

– older singer

– vocal groups

Auditions will be held in Miami, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago – in front of live crowds of thousands.

OMP Blog readers can go here to apply.


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