Florida Model Node is an OMP Rising Star

Having just turned 12 years old, Node (OMP Model #340003) is already a seasoned veteran of professional photo shoots and modeling assignments She has modeled since the age of 8, inspired by her passion for fashion and travel.

The Florida resident was able to join OneModelPlace.com after her mother discovered the site online. “OMP has already helped my career by giving me exposure to many photographers and new friends. Also, my mom has learned so much about the business through other models’ moms.”

After her mother helped her to get signed by an agency, Node immediately booked several assignments, which helped build her confidence and overcome shyness. Node feels that other young models can benefit from having their mom as their manager. “Parents help young models by telling them they can succeed in anything if they work hard for it. They also give them guidance to go the extra mile.”

Node is a natural in front of the camera, and aspires to work with companies such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostal, and Macy’s. Her future goals also include doing runway and catalog work.

When she’s not modeling or traveling from shoot to shoot, the young model spends her free time in a variety of ways. “I like cheering, gymnastics, texting my friends, and shopping.”

Node’s best advice for other models just starting out is to stay positive and optimistic. “Keep trying and don’t give up. Always do your best. Make sure to have fun. And remember, education comes first.”

Check out more of Node’s amazing images on her OMP Profile

Image of Node by TroubleShooter Jr. (OMP Member #240504)

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