Traveling Model Amber Lee Takes Time Out for Motherhood

Amber Lee (OMP Model #444375) has modeled on and off for about four years. In between she had a baby, proving that models can still pursue their careers while taking the time to, as Amber Lee puts it, ”enjoy the precious moments of motherhood.” She does admit, however, that is always challenging to “put your family first without ever canceling on a job.”

The Florida resident prides herself on being versatile when it comes to assignments. “I am a very diverse model when it comes to looks and styles. I usually change with whatever environment I am in. If the shoot is on a set or in a studio, I carry myself very well. But when I’m shooting with a photographer I’ve already worked with, we can have fun and be goofy. Either way, I always give all that I have, with as much enthusiasm and energy as possible.”

Though she has done plenty of tasteful nude shoots, there is another style the blond beauty would like to try. “Well I have never done it, but I would love to do some bodypainting.”

Amber Lee’s secret for getting into the proper mindset for a photo shoot? “MUSIC! Best thing in the world. It brings your spirits up and definitely gets me in the mood.”

She also has some encouraging advice for her fellow models. “It takes time to make art. Be patient. Talk to the photographer the day before the shoot, and touch base again the day of the shoot just before you leave. And always, always, have a phone on you, just in case.” has helped Amber Lee’s career by allowing her to travel all over the U.S. Her drive and determination are inspirational to other young models who want to make a living in the industry. “Don’t ever give up. Don’t ever let others tell you ‘You can’t!’ Be yourself and never do anything you don’t want to do.”

You can see more of Amber Lee’s work on her OMP portfolio.

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