Paul Bosche is a New York Actor on Both Stage and Screen

Paul Bosche (OMP Model #452680) is a New York actor who has had recent success on stage and screen. He describes himself as a “quiet” actor. “You know, the kind of actor that you know is going to ‘explode’ at any minute… you’ll just never know when!”

Paul was born in Colorado Springs, CO and lived in Eugene, OR before moving to NYC in the fall of 2001. While he admits he didn’t have much formal training, performing may have been in his genes. “My father was a radio DJ, and he was very outgoing. We were always hanging out with other performers of stage, screen, and radio. I think I learned everything I needed from watching my Dad and his friends entertain each other.”

After arriving in New York, Paul did the standard black-box theater and stage shows. “I had one song in the off-Broadway musical ‘Automatic Superstar.’ The craziest experience I have had so far was when I found myself naked onstage auditioning for ‘Puppetry of the Penis.’ I kept telling myself ‘Welcome to New York!’”

His onscreen work was decidedly less revealing. “I did a fair amount of commercials before I came to NYC. Once here, I was cast in lots of student films, which are often my favorite or least favorite experiences. You’re never sure how it’s going to pan out, but I enjoy not always knowing. I also did background work for a while. I thought that would be a great way to really get more familiar with the whole big-budget moviemaking process.”

Between stage and film, Paul relates that he prefers the latter. “I like the process of creating something that will stand the test of time. Stage is great but you only get one ‘option’ for a scene or a line, etc. With film, you can try lots of different options, different angles, different lines and editing choices. You can have many different products.”

Having just secured a manager, Paul is now looking to enlist the services of an agent as well. He offers the following advice to his fellow players. “You HAVE to see EVERYTHING you do as part of your job. For example, when you go to an audition, do you get all bummed out when you don’t get the part? When I go to an audition, I look around at people in the city and imagine what they may do for a living, then I look at myself and realize that regardless of whether or not I get the part, I am doing my job. Auditioning, getting the part, NOT getting the part, rehearsing, taking pictures — it’s ALL part of my job. I always keep this in mind, never allowing myself to get down or second guess my decision to do what I love.

“Also, if you want to do this… do this! Everyday make sure you do something toward your business and your art. Never get caught up in self-doubt or feeling the ‘time crunch.’ You don’t have a time limit. You’re not too old or too young. You have never been more perfect as an actor than you are right now. Have fun and let’s work together!”

For more on this talented actor, check out Paul’s OMP Portfolio

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