Lauren is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Having modeled for only two years now, Lauren (OMP Model #383529) admits that she is still a little new to the whole process but is thankful to have worked with a group of great and talented people.

Describing herself as “the girl-next-door who has ambitions to grow into edgier and more editorial roles,”
Lauren got her start in modeling through a friend of a friend. “The model arranged for me to shoot with Brett Marler (OMP Member #125116) and that allowed me to began working with other photographers in my area.”

Another artist recommended she join “I discovered OMP through Karen Westberry of Kateybug Photography (OMP Member #192057), who introduced me to the site. She has been somewhat of my mentor throughout this whole process, and I owe her a lot! And OMP has allowed me to get into contact with many other photographers and models, and put my portfolio out there to get me noticed.”

Lauren likes to create a dialogue with every photographer before attending a shoot. “I always like to talk to the photographer the day before and figure out what they’re looking for in terms of outfits and accessories, and sleep to me is always important! Unfortunately, I have natural shadows under my eyes so I never want to add to that ‘tired’ look.”

During photo sessions, the Georgia resident gets serious about not being serious. “I concentrate on the attitude that I’m trying to portray in my pictures and having fun!”

Lauren has some personal opinions on the rewards and challenges of modeling. “I do believe it really depends on the person you’re asking. To me, it’s rewarding because it’s something I have always wanted to do and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to experience all this. The challenges that I face are my height limitations, and my hesitation to relax more during each shoot.”

Her advice for aspiring models is definitely based on her own experiences. “It’s still strange when people ask me if I model, because I don’t see myself as I model, I’ve just done some modeling. While I would love to make it my occupation, I need to grow a little more and learn more. My advice would be — if you want it, go for it! There are so many opportunities out there, and it’s a shame to not go for something you’re passionate about.”

Image of Lauren by Sko’s Creative Design (OMP Member #21434)

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