Ringing in the New Year with Model Bella Moore

Bella Moore (OMP Model #431906) is a favorite here at OneModelPlace.com. The lithe and lovely model really enjoyed her time spent with the family over the holidays, but is now gearing up to get back to work on the modeling scene, and wants to motivate other OMP models as well!

Bella has some great advice for anyone who indulged over the break and is ready to get back in shape after all the celebrating. “If you ate the cookies, just workout harder! If you want the best tips to keeping your body in shape after the holidays, childbearing and vacations, visit my website for the 7-Day Habit and Bare Condition! I’ve been modeling for 14 years… even after having three kids! And you can too!”

Here’s a short list of other things models can do to get back into the swing of things after the festivities have passed. “My advice is to send out your zeds/comps to all publications, agencies, and independent photographers you have on your list, wishing them a happy new year and at the same time keeping your face fresh in their minds. You want to let them know that you are camera-ready and eager for work!”

How can photographers book models during this time of year? Bella suggests, “Photographers who want to shoot with a model after the holidays should book in advance. Be willing to travel or concentrate on shooting local models, since many models will have just gotten back home from winter break.”

The holidays are the perfect time to recall forgotten memories of shoots gone by. “The funniest sad thing I remember about a holiday shoot was when Texas photographer Darryl Briggs (OMP Member #2194) took a topless photo of me with a Santa cap on, and I posted it on my Facebook page. Nothing was showing — it was cropped to be a head shot. But I was ridiculed so harshly by family members, I was forced to delete my Facebook profile! Damn, I think those of us who are in front of the camera and behind become a little desensitized to sexual connotation through the medium of photographs… But I love the photo regardless! You never know how others are going to judge your work, but as long as you feel good about it, that is all that matters in the end!! Shake it, girl!”

She also remembers a particularly revealing New Year’s assignment. “This happened a couple years ago in the Colorado Mountains! It was a beautiful winter’s day and the shot was about hot women snowboarders! I was talked into taking off my coat and boarding in a bikini top… I’m not going to lie, that was the one time I let the spirits warm me up a little!”

Wondering what items might be perfect for a model’s wish list, in case they didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas? “Any gift to a model that involves clothing, jewelry, things that smell good or taste good are great gifts… But the absolute best gifts are the things that you can’t buy!”

Image of Bella by Randy Fosth of Shutterbug Studio (OMP Member #92315)

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