Livia Godiva is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Livia Godiva (OMP Model #416144) has only been modeling for the past year and a half, but she is already finding success in the industry as a fashion/fetish/art nude model. Not bad for a young woman whose previous dealings were in the real estate market. “I was working in New York as a luxury real estate agent before the crash. I had to reinvent myself quickly, with very few qualifications other than experience and my good looks and charm.”

The brunette beauty moved back to the West Coast and found some work modeling through a friend. “My very first photographer referred me to, and my career took off immediately. I literally received so many responses to my profile that I could not keep up! OMP has been invaluable in allowing me to market my portfolio to photographers of all levels.”

This California girl describes her look as very natural and honest, combining both innocence and knowing. She also prides herself on being easy to work with.

Livia reveals some of her favorite shoots and assignments. “I really enjoyed working on several projects with a photographer who lives in Portland, OR, where I got my start in modeling. We have some amazing nude shots of me in an ancient moss-covered oak. Also, a photographer in Beaverton, OR did some amazing photography and Photoshop editing on some of the images. I have beautiful black and white pictures of me playing chess with myself.”

While Livia prepares for a photo shoot, she likes to clear her head and focus only the particulars of the shoot. “By the time I arrive, I am ready and excited to work, and often have fresh ideas, which many photographers value.” During shoots, she feels that she goes outside of myself. “I am aware of the lines of my body and face, and how they are working with the other elements in the shoot. I work very cooperatively with the photographer to arrange all the elements into a pleasing whole composition.”

She points out that the challenges and rewards of modeling are interconnected. “The greatest challenge for me in modeling is that of constantly reinventing myself to remain fresh and to bring that excitement and eagerness to work to each shoot. The result is an ever-evolving identity and style, which translate to the other facets of my life. To put it another way, modeling helps one to know thyself, and that is its own great reward.”

Here is Livia’s advice for models just starting out. “It may sound trite, but just be yourself! The art of photographing a model is in capturing a unique image, of a unique individual, at a unique moment in time. Don’t ‘pose’ in a pretentious fashion, but allow a dynamic to develop and flow between yourself and your photographer, which evolves and is never the same.”

For more on Livia Godiva, visit her OMP Portfolio

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  1. cher maximen says:

    shes very pretty

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