Shooting in the OMP Studio with Ron Lockhart and Tina Marie Colleagues Ron Lockhart of BocaPhotog (OMP Member #229304) and Tina Marie (OMP Model #157037) recently met and shot at the OMP Studio in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Here is the inside story of their successful collaboration.

Ron says he has always been a photographer at heart, but only recently was able to really pursue it fulltime. Once he bought a professional camera, he didn’t have to think twice about what subjects he wanted to photograph. “The answer was women. Glamour, nude, lingerie, and boudoir were the styles I wanted to focus on. So I joined and went to a workshop sponsored by the site, and that really got me started in the right direction.”

Tina Marie has modeled for the past six years. The Los Angeles resident was discovered online and subsequently introduced to the site through the photographer. “OMP has amazing photographers and many will do trade-for-picture shoots so easy to build a good portfolio, then the modeling jobs start.”

Ron booked Tina Marie for the shoot using the website’s Travel Notification feature. “OMP sends out daily updates on new models in my area as well as those traveling to South Florida. As soon as I saw Tina’s portfolio, I knew I had to photograph her. We e-mailed each other regarding her availability, and then we picked a time to meet at the OMP Studio for our shoot.”

This was Tina Marie’s first shoot at the OMP studio. “Ron found me through the OMP travel notice that I posted. Shooting with him was a lot of fun. We shot casual, fashion and some nudes.”

Having worked at the OMP Studio before, Ron knew the facility very well. “The dressing room is spacious, the lighting is better that I can afford to buy, and the people who manage the place are really helpful. I’d like to be able to keep working there as I hone my craft. It offers a professional environment at a reasonable price.”

Ron was thrilled to be working with an experienced model such as Tina Marie. “Once I explained my ideas, she was able to make them happen. We’d shoot some sets, look at them on my computer, critique them, and go back and redo the ones we didn’t like. Tina is a fantastic model who helped me make her look her best, and the environment and privacy at the OMP Studio was really conducive to our getting some great shots.”

He also has some advice for photographers who are thinking about shooting in the OMP Studio. “Do it! It’s not too expensive, and it’s a professional facility that will help improve your work. Give a lot of thought before the shoot as to what you’re trying to create — including the lighting and wardrobe that you will need to pull it off — so you can maximize your studio time. It’s also the right discipline to develop, especially for the less-experienced photographer. Before I got into technology, I spent many years writing jingles for radio and TV. The same discipline was important then. If you’re paying for the studio time, you better have a very good idea of what you wanted the finished product to sound like in order not to waste money on musicians and studio rental. Photography is no different, so it’s important to develop that skill.”

Tina Marie would also recommend the studio to any photographer or company looking for a place to shoot in South Florida. “The studio has a lot of room and is in a nice location. It also has an outdoor area to shoot in as well. Thanks to OMP for making the studio available for us. We had a great time!”

Ron has some final words for any artistic type who is considering joining “OMP has helped my career in many ways. By publishing my work to other models and photographers, I’ve gained exposure to the right audience. Second, by looking at the work of other members — both photographers and models — I’m learning more about what is good, and what can be done. Lastly, the shoots and workshops at the OMP Studio are a great way to practice your craft with some sensational models!”

To see more of Ron’s work, visit his OMP Portfolio

Visit Tina Marie’s OMP Portfolio for more of her images

To learn more about renting the OMP Studio, email

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