West Coast Wonder Whitney is an OMP Rising Star

Whitney (OMP Model #452153) may be new to modeling, having just started a few months ago, but she already shows the poise and presence of an experienced professional. Many industry veterans have commented on her fresh natural quality, and wholesome girl-next-door look.

On the advice of a friend, she turned to OneModelPlace.com to help her get her name and face noticed. “I have only recently joined OMP, but have had great feedback in the short time I have been here.”

Whitney’s good fortune continued when she took a chance last summer and went to Hollywood. “I wanted to try my hand at modeling and acting. I did a few photo shoots, some music videos, and worked on a few movies and TV shows.”

When preparing for a shoot, the teen model totally destroys her room. “I pull everything out of the closet, trying to make new and interesting looks.” During a shoot, Whitney tries hard to listen to the photographer and become a character that will be conveyed in the final photo. “Seeing the finished product is always rewarding!”

One day Whitney would love to do a fantasy shot in a unique location. “I would like to be dressed in a formal dress while standing in the middle of a fountain.” With that kind of vision and determination, t seems like this talented young woman will succeed in whatever she sets out to accomplish.

Check out more of Whitney’s images on her OMP Portfolio

Photo: MGImages.com

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