10 Questions with Florida Photographer Wayne Collins/Studio E

Wayne Collins from Studio E (OMP Member #91213) started taking pictures at the early age of eight. The Florida photographer has since shot everything from studio setups to sexy celebrities and even a President! Here are 10 Questions with this creative, compelling artist.

OMP: How did you get your start as a photographer?

WAYNE: I mailed in candy bar wrappers along with 50 cents and received my first camera. It was a disposable camera that you mailed back to the company. The camera company would print your pictures at an additional cost and then send you a new camera, for free. And you thought the disposable camera was a new concept! I still have the black and white pictures of my grandparents I took with those cameras. I’m over 67 years old now and have done many other things in my life, but I’ve always had a camera. I joined the U.S. Marines in 1962 and was stationed in the Orient, where I quickly bought a Minolta Minox camera. The Minox was the type of camera you have seen in the James Bond movies. It pulled open and pushed shut. I have shot pictures in Okinawa, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan and Hawaii. I even shot pictures during field maneuvers with the Marines.  Over the years I have shot pictures in Europe, Canada and coast to coast in the USA. So, if you do the math I’ve been shooting close to 50 years.

OMP: What are some of your credits and favorite shoots?

WAYNE: I have been published in the elite photographer’s bible, Shutterbug Magazine. I even wrote articles for Shutterbug. I also became the east coast editor and writer for Glamour Photographer, a magazine based in California.  I was a staff writer and photographer for an international online publication entitled Exposure Magazine.  Additionally, I have been published in the following: Street Rodder; Photo Pro; Single Styles; Hot Bike; Mustang Illustrated; Inside Women; Newspapers; WWD (Women’s Wear Daily); Splash; Tampa Bay Magazine; BBW (Big Beautiful Women); Challenge (Federal publication) and Swimwear Illustrated, to name a few. I have conducted photography and modeling seminars all over the country. I’ve taught my style of photography to both the pros and newcomers in photography and modeling. When asked where I enjoyed shooting the most, I quickly reply, “Las Vegas is my first choice.”  My favorite all-time shoot was being invited to the White House and photographing President Ronald Reagan.

OMP: How did you discover One Model Place?

WAYNE: Actually many of the models I have had shoots with told me about this site and how much it has benefited them. I looked over OneModelPlace.com several times to see what range of members were on the site. I found members who were photographers, body painters, makeup artists, actors, dancers and more. It had everything I wanted, so I joined.

OMP: How has OMP helped you promote your career?

WAYNE: OneModelPlace.com has helped me because it has a vast membership, both local to me and international as well. There are so may people on board that one can quickly get discovered for whatever their talent is.  I found that if I needed to find a specific type of model — tall, short, younger, older, experienced or beginner — all I needed was to do a simple search and I got the information I needed.  And if I needed some help or advise from another photographer, I had many professional shooters to draw from.

OMP: What equipment do you use?

WAYNE: These days I shoot strictly with Canon cameras and lenses. I find they have everything one could ask for. Canon customer service is very quick with their responses and always helpful when needed.

OMP: What are your favorite styles of images to shoot?

WAYNE: I have always enjoyed high profile shooting assignments such as shooting for the Florida Governor’s office, and the “Made in the USA” label. These assignments eventually led to an invitation to go to the White House as a member of the press core to photograph the President. I was even invited to the home of actress Jane Russell to take pictures of her and later appointed the head photographer “For the Love of Rock and Roll,” chaired by Dick Clark. These assignments catapulted me into shooting the rock and roll legends and celebrities of the 50′s through the 90′s. I photographed celebrities such as Bo Diddley, Dick Clark, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, the Drifters, Joey Dee and the Star Lighters, Wolfman Jack, the Platters and many more.  I even photographed the rich and famous — actors and singers such as Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamore, Jimmy Conners, Miss USA and Miss Universe. I also hosted my own TV show on the subject of photography and modeling. I have appeared on TV and radio shows many times to showcase my work and talk about my wonderful experiences. To be more direct I like people photography. Black and white images were always a style I leaned favorably toward.  Today I mostly keep busy shooting unique images in my studio with my many one-of-a-kind sets and props.

OMP: How do you come up with your creative ideas and concepts?

WAYNE: I actually spend time researching what the masters of photography before me have shot such as my personal idol Peter Gowland,  and try to be as creative.  In addition, I ask people what they want and I build a shoot around their ideas as well as my own.  Sometimes I may see something in a movie or a magazine that gives me inspiration for a shoot.  For example, a window I once saw in an old movie.  I duplicated that window and used it as a prop in many shoots.

OMP: Can you give three tips for models to remember during a shoot?

WAYNE: 1. The best tip I can offer a model is to have a deep heart to heart conversation with yourself.  Ask yourself, “ what modeling do I want to do and what modeling do I not want to do?” Establish your own parameters, set your own standards. Make sure you have defined them very clearly to yourself.  When you are on an assignment NEVER change your parameters on a shoot. Don’t be temped to stray from your own parameters because your caught up in the moment or you need the money.   Be able to tell your photographer what your parameters are clearly before you even agree to a shoot.

2.  When posing hold your pose long enough for the photographer to take more than one image.  Also, when being instructed to pose in a different way, listen to all the instructions before moving then make small changes to meet the instructions given.

3.  Always be careful not to knock over any of the lighting, props, or damage any items on the set.  If using studio prop clothing always be mindful not to leave your make-up on the clothing.  A good way to avoid getting lipstick on clothes that you must slip over your head is to place a transparent scarf over your head and lipstick to keep it off of the clothes.

OMP: What advice do you have for photographers just starting out?

WAYNE: It is very important that you know about copyright laws and the rights of usage and alike.  Make sure you have a model’s release form ready for each and every model to sign.  Why is this important?  You do not have the right to use a likeness of an individual without a signed models release unless they are a known public figure and hold themselves out to the public to be a public person — for example, politicians or actors.  You may need a release if you are shooting on private or public property.  Know your customers needs. Don’t be afraid to go out on the end a limb, that’s where the fruits are! Try all kinds of photography, sports, people, places, and events. Don’t give your work away. Make sure if you are published you get a photo credit line and ask for a tear sheet.  If you don’t place a strong value on it you can’t expect someone else to see its value.

OMP: Do you have anything else you would like to add?

WAYNE: Yes, travel every place with a camera. Don’t be afraid to approach people and talk to them about your photography. Everyone loves pictures and you may just get that special photograph because you were at the right place at the right time with your camera in hand.

Top Image: Wayne designed the wings for his own photo shoot.

Bottom Image: The artist at work with lovely Miss USA title-holder Mai Shanley.

See more images on Wayne’s OMP Portfolio.

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