New TV Show Will Be Casting Dramatic Light on Playboy Bunnies has had a long history with Playboy enterprises, including discovering several playmates on our site and also hosting countless Playboy photo shoots at our OMP Studio.

Now NBC is putting together a period drama set in the 1960s at a Playboy club, according to Variety. The show, entitled “Playboy,” would center on a group of women working as Playboy bunnies in the New York Club,” which would serve as a lens for the “changing mores” of the time. Chad Hodge (whose credits include “Runaway” and “Tru Calling”) is currently on board to write and executive produce. Twentieth Century Fox TV and Imagine TV are behind the project; Imagine’s Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo also exec produce. The project was developed in the past with a different writer and a different title — “Bunny Tales.”

Margaret Lyons of relates that “network television doesn’t have a great track record for period pieces in the last several years — CBS’s ‘Swingtown’ met a premature demise,’Life on Mars’ never took off — but of course, ‘Mad Men’ is the gold standard now. Could ‘Playboy’ be more in that vein? We’ve seen a little bit about the Playboy clubs this past season, and it’s such an identifiable brand and concept I guess I’m not too surprised to see a show set there. I just really, really hope the show digs deeper into the sexual politics of the time, and doesn’t just glamorize and romanticize women wearing skimpy outfits and catering to men.”

The original clubs, famous for their staff of women dressed in bunny outfits, once numbered 22 around the world. More than a million members paid a fee to become “keyholders.”

“Playboy” reps the latest 1960s-set project in development at the broadcast and cable nets on the heels of AMC’s “Mad Men.” ABC is developing “Pan Am,” centering on the airline’s wild crew in the 1960s, while Starz just gave a 10-episode order to “Magic City,” set in late 1950s/early ’60s Miami.

“Playboy” may come to life just as Playboy Enterprises tries to revive the franchise. The Palms hotel in Las Vegas opened a Playboy Club in 2006, and a club opened this month in Macao. The last original U.S. location, in Lansing, Mich., closed in 1988.

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