Florida Photographer Reid Windle Creatively Captures the Female Form (Part 2 of 2)

This is the second half of our exclusive interview with photographer Reid Windle from Sunshine and Satin Photography (OMP Member #154356).

Reid has some great advice for models about setting up shoots. “It is fine to exchange two or three emails with a photographer when setting up your photo shoot. Then call the photographer and talk about the details of what they expect from you, including the styles you will be modeling, makeup, hair, and where and when the shoot will take place.

“Document everything in emails, so the important details are documented in case there are any differences in understanding during the shoot. Call the photographer the day before your shoot to confirm you will be there, and discuss the details of what is expected of you once more. Call or text them when you are leaving to go to the shoot to let them know you are on your way. Make sure you have good directions and that someone knows where you will be, and let them know that you have arrived at the shoot.”

During the photo shoot, Reid recommends that models ask their photographers to give them direction. “Ask about posing, expressions, and anything else you are unsure of. Good posture is essential. Touch-up your makeup when necessary. Ask the photographer to let you know how you are doing while you are shooting, maybe at each change of outfits Remember to breathe, smile and relax.

“Also, remember that you are dealing with people. You will not have chemistry with every person you work with. When you have a personality conflict or feel uncomfortable working with someone, move on to the next person. Just as with other people you meet, you will get along better with some than with others.

“Just don’t burn your bridges. You never know when someone you worked with, for better or worse, may be of help to you later on. So do your best to be diplomatic when dealing with people.”

His advice for photographers is just as helpful:

– Learn your camera. Take lots of pictures of landscapes, buildings, anything really that doesn’t have to do with a model. Try to use as many functions of your camera until you know which settings create the best pictures. Learn Photoshop and/or other picture-editing programs. This knowledge is essential to creating visually pleasing final images. Learn to properly size images for best presentation on OMP.

– Look at as many images as you can on photographers and models portfolios. Before you start to shoot models, find some of your friends or family members you can practice with. Then, send some referrals to some very experienced models, schedule photoshoots with them and pay them their standard fee.

_- This is very important. Experienced models will be more than happy to give you lots of valuable information before, during and after the photoshoot that will help when you are working with young ladies that are inexperienced. It is worth every penny and more that you pay an experienced model.

– Reach out to photographers whose work you admire. Let them know you are just starting out, and that you would appreciate any advice they will give you. You will be amazed at how friendly and helpful many professional photographers can be. This is how I came to know some of the best photographers in the business, and went on to form lasting friendships with them.

–  Buy the best equipment and software you can afford. Do your research. Learn how to use whatever equipment you have to its fullest potential.

– If you want to shoot models nude, you should expect to pay them. These young ladies are modeling to make money. They don’t have much income to speak of, and they have all kinds of bills. Think about how many more young ladies will work with you if you pay them a reasonable fee. Nothing will motivate someone to work with you as much as offering them pay. It will make the difference between doing a shoot, or sitting in your living room with your expensive camera gear sitting in the closet wasting away. The choice is yours.

Reid has some final words of advice for his colleagues just starting out in the industry. “Join OneModelPlace.com and upgrade your OMP membership, whether you are a model or photographer. Work with the best models/photographers you can to build a strong portfolio. Be willing to pay someone to teach you, if you are a photographer. Be willing to pay a photographer to get great images, if you are a model. Your portfolio will become much better, and it will greatly improve your ability to get more and better work. Most importantly, have fun! Do as many shoots as you can, and strive to become the best photographer/model you can be.”

See more of Reid’s awesome imagery on his OMP Portfolio

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