Florida Photographer Reid Windle Creatively Captures the Female Form (Part 1 of 2)

Reid Windle of Sunshine and Satin Photography (OMP Member #154356) started doing film photography in 1973 and switched to digital in 2005. Soon afterwards, he joined OneModelPlace.com, and has been shooting beautiful women steadily ever since.

The Florida resident has discovered an array of amazing female models since he’s been on the site. “OMP has helped me in so many ways. In addition to finding models — which is my primary purpose for being a member — OMP has been the most important networking tool I have. The associations I’ve made through the site have enabled me to contact experienced members of the industry. As a result, I have formed some of my closest friendships.”

Reid relates that he has viewed thousands of profiles and studied countless images on OneModelPlace.com. “I have worked with some of the most accomplished models and photographers on the site – several have become OMP Featured Members. Also, I view the New Models and Updated Models columns on the OMP Home page daily. I regularly make comments, image comments and send referrals to models all across the US and the world.”

One successful shoot was arranged in February 2007 with Jenni from the Czech Republic (OMP Model #265348). “I contacted her and said, ‘If you ever come to America…’ and voila! I did one of her first photo shoots in the U.S. That shoot resulted in my first four OMP Showcases, which motivated me to make OneModelPlace.com my primary online portfolio.”

Reid got his start photographing local high school sporting events. “My best friend was news editor for the Orlando Sentinel bureau here in Melbourne. Soon my images were being published more than his! I have a love for, and talent for, catching live sports action.”

Years later, while on a business trip to Colorado, he bought a Pentax K-1000. “I was motivated by the incredible landscapes that are everywhere in Colorado. I continued to photograph scenery, beaches, and people for several years, as well as anything else that interested me. I love photographing beautiful landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, and wildlife.”

Over time, Reid focused more and more on shooting with professional models, and the results have been impressive. “I like to combine fashion, swimwear, lingerie, fine art and glamour into each of my photo shoots. After I have worked with a young lady a few times, we may focus on swimwear, fine art or glamour, depending on what we mutually decide.”

He prefers shooting outdoors in natural light. “Because of the schedules of the young ladies I work with, these shoots usually take place in the late afternoon. But occasionally I find someone that I can rely on to get up and out there before sunrise. Sunrise shoots are my favorites. And there are so many different possibilities when doing shoots outside. I know many locations, and I really like scouting around for new places. There is an art to placing a model into a scene to compose a beautiful image. The variety of beautiful images that can be created outdoors is endless.”

Reid frequently travels to network and do photo shoots with other photographers. “I also try to set up shoots with models everywhere I go. I use the referral system on OMP to find models to shoot wherever I travel. Lately, I have driven several times to South Florida and Tampa. I also spent a week in Carrabelle, Florida in early October shooting fashion and fine art. I frequently travel with my less-experienced models to some of their first shoots so they will be more confident and comfortable.  I try to maximize the benefits of each trip, combining paid teaching, photo shoots and networking as much as possible.”

See more of Reid’s awesome imagery on his OMP Portfolio

Image of Jenni Czech (OMP Model #265348)

Read Part 2 of our exclusive interview with Reid Windle on Thursday in the OMP Blog

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4 Responses to Florida Photographer Reid Windle Creatively Captures the Female Form (Part 1 of 2)

  1. Brad Miller says:

    Great Blog! Can’t wait to see the next installment!

  2. steve gregory says:

    hey! glad to see you getting due recognition, my friend!

    slow shootin’ steve

  3. Joe Flumerfelt says:

    Really enjoyed the installment. Reid has contacted me. I was very apprecative on his comments.
    I look to Reids work for inspiration.

  4. Joe Flumerfelt says:

    Really enjoyed the installment. I look to Reids work for inspiration.

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