Ask Ashley: How to Hit Them With Your Best Shot

“Ask Ashley” is a new advice column by Ashley Salazar, who is a veteran both in front of the camera (OMP Model #371407) as well as behind it (OMP Member #231727). OMP models and members are welcome to leave her questions regarding any aspects of or the industry in general, either here in the comments section or via email at

This week’s question is from Marcus (OMP Member #71950): When I shoot sets, I try to pick out the best photo to upload to my portfolio. Often I have difficulty narrowing down one particular photo to edit and upload. How do you narrow down photos?

Dear Marcus,

This is something I myself also found difficult as a model and a photographer when I was first starting out. After reviewing thousands of shots throughout the years, here is some of the guidelines I have set for myself.

First, try and determine your “Signature Style” — these are the images that you feel explode with your own personal style, something that sets you apart from other models or photographers. Anything goes here — color, black and white, blurry, or overly sharp images, specific genre, time period, etc.

When choosing images from a specific set, I generally find it’s better to post 3-5 images with the best focus, color, and subject matter than 10 images that are of less quality, which can distract the eye or make your work appear weaker. Take your time choosing the final images for your portfolio. Ask for feedback and reviews from the model(s), clients, make up artist, hair stylists, friends, family, online groups and networks.

For those of you who are full-time photographers and make a living through photography, choose images that represent what type of work you are capable of and currently seeking work for. Also, keep your portfolio current. This lets perspective clients know that you are growing with your work and actively shooting. Of course you can always keep a few favorites and tearsheets in your portfolio. But 75% of your portfolio should be taken within the last year. You may not realize this, but clients do check back quite often for new content or updated work. In this day and age it’s just a matter of the click of a mouse, so keep your portfolio fresh and they’ll keep coming back!

– Ashley

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