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This week’s question is from Denny in Georgia: Can I be a single mom and work as a model?

Dear Denny:

It is very hard being a single mom, no matter what type of employment you have. The nice thing with modeling is that you generally aren’t away all day for go-sees or bookings. Quite often jobs only last an hour or two.

The most important thing for you is to have a backup for the times when you are supposed to pick up your children, or when they are home. If you can find someone that is responsible and loves your child, then you can pursue anything you desire.

– Aaron Marcus

Aaron Marcus is a full-time actor and commercial model. He is represented by 125 agents across the United States, and has been cast in over 1,100 television commercials, radio spots, TV shows, feature films, and print ads. Aaron is also an actor/model career coach, and has traveled throughout the US., Canada, Mexico and Australia presenting his industry seminar entitled ”Becoming a Successful Actor and Commercial Model Workshop.” He is also the author of “How to Become a Successful Commercial Model.” Learn more at

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