Danielle is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Danielle (OMP Model #353164) was introduced to modeling when she was the age of 12, but didn’t fully pursue it until a few years ago. She became serious about it after working with David Hickey (OMP Member #37713), who quickly became her favorite photographer.

Dani discovered OneModel Place.com through a friend and fellow model. “She was also starting out a few years ago, and she showed me her OMP portfolio when she first signed up. I went home and made one, too! Since then, I have gotten all of my paid assignments and TFP shoots because of my online profile! OMP is definitely my number one source for networking!”

This versatile and talented model’s unique look is the result of a Filipino mother and a father who is French, English, and Irish. Or, as Dani likes to say, “Put ‘em together, and you get me!”

Her favorite places to shoot usually involve sun, sand and surf. “I love every shoot I have done on the beach. It’s all so serene, and I soak up all the energy I get from my surroundings.”

Preparing for a photo shoot is easy for Dani. “I eat breakfast, I make sure I am on time, and I bring my happy, energetic mood with me!” During a session, she stays focused and attentive. “I am aware of every inch of my body, where I am positioned, how I am posing. This seems to take lots of concentration, but I have fun and smile with my eyes. I always want the image to capture my energy and the mood I’m in.”

She finds it easy to balance the rewards and challenges of modeling. “I believe the best thing about modeling is that I get to meet people in the industry that have the same desire to create images which capture raw emotion. I think the biggest challenge is filtering through tons of inquiries for a photo shoot, whether it’s paid or TFP, because modeling isn’t my main focus. I work full-time, so it’s not always easy to get away for a day or two for a photo shoot and the opportunity to work with a new photographer.”

Dani shares some awesome advice for aspiring models. “Be absolutely comfortable with yourself in front of the camera! Focus on what your inspiration is for that particular shoot and work it! Remember to keep yourself grounded. Don’t get all ‘superstar’ and big-headed about modeling, and don’t flake on shoots!”

This “ridiculously down-to-earth” model definitely knows how to make a lasting impression. “Your personality is very important, especially when networking and meeting people that will potentially want to work with you. Don’t just look lovable… you have to be lovable, too!”

Her future goals as a model are as down-to-earth as Dani is. “To simply continue what I’m doing now, enjoying it as a hobby and getting paid for some assignments. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be doing this at all. I’m 24 now, and will hopefully be going down the path of marriage and kids before I’m 30. But I’ve got a few years left in me!”

Image of Danielle (OMP Model #353164) by David Hickey (OMP Member #37713)

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  2. David Hickey says:

    I am one lucky dog!

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