Mackenzie is the OMP Rising Star of the Week

Mackenzie (OMP Model #439274) is finishing up her first year of modeling, and has had a great time so far. By being a member of, she feels that she has been able to meet and network with the right professionals at the right times.”

She became interested in modeling after hearing about a local opportunity for young talent. “When I was 13, I heard an advertisement on the radio that a talent scout was coming to my town. I asked my mom if I could go and she said if I cleaned my room she would take me! We went to the event, and there were hundreds of girls. I was one of only two girls asked to come to compete in Chicago. However, I left Chicago without a contract, broken-hearted, but with many contacts. My parents put a halt on any more modeling for the next couple of years because I was not doing well in school. Then last summer, I asked if I could mail out some photos to some of the contacts we had met, and they agreed “as long as my grades were good”. Long story short, I am now represented by an agency!”

The Wisconsin resident has been labeled as both a commercial and editorial look. “I guess for paycheck purposes I consider myself commercial, but I love the editorial description much more! I have loved the creative work I’ve done with Hanle Productions. We have had a lot of fun creating stories with our shoots. We have done everything from a very vintage look to a dark heartbreaking love story. It is a team of talented young women and we play music by Britney Spears and Lady Gaga and just create! I have also worked with Team Dala! Photographer David Larson and model/stylist/MUA Jemme (OMP Model #374254) were amazing to work with!”

Preparing for photo shoots is easy for Mackenzie. “I try to get a good night’s sleep the night before, which doesn’t always work out cause Im usually excited! I also pay close attention to my skin. I always wash and moisturize and do a weekly exfoliate and mask.”

The photographer’s direction and the concept the creative director is trying to create are two things that she concentrates on during photo shoots. “I’m always trying to evoke a mood and feeling, whatever the theme of the shoot is.”

To Mackenzie, modeling offers its share of artistic and financial rewards. “Also, I feel it has helped my self-awareness and self-esteem. And I love meeting all kinds of amazing, creative people.” She does admit, however, that having to deliver when people are paying you and counting on you can be a challenge at times.

Mackenzie suggests that aspiring models make sure they are doing it because they love it. “Don’t do it because it will make you famous or rich. But if you really want to be a successful model, then dream big and enjoy the journey! My other advice is to risks, but tread carefully and safely. I myself never go anywhere without my mom!”

The talented teen is very grateful for all the success she has garnered so far. “I am truly grateful for all the opportunities that this career has given me. It has been a gift, and I thank God for everything in my life.” We are grateful to have such an amazing model as Mackenzie in our modeling and photography community.

Image of Mackenzie by Dala Photography.

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  1. Glenn says:

    Very beautiful looking Model and Elias did a fantastic job with the editorial write up! I found this a real pleasure to read with some great useful ensights by the Model. Mackenzie is a Star shining bright!

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