Photo Ops 1 — Check Out Secret NYC Subway Station members often go to great lengths to find unique locations for their photo shoots. Our new OMP Blog series, “Photo Ops,” will feature some of the best places on earth that will inspire you when planning future photo shoots.

Mike Krumboltz reports for Yahoo News: “Hidden deep under New York City, a “secret” subway stop is drawing visitors. The Big Apple’s City Hall station, a beautiful structure that opened in 1904, but has been out of use for decades, can be seen by riders … if they know how to make the journey.

“If you want to check out this long-forgotten station, one of the “most gorgeous gems in the world of mass transit,” you’ll have to take the 6 train and then stay on board. Jalopnik elaborates, “The 6 train used to make all passengers leave the train at the Brooklyn Bridge stop, but no longer. If you have a little extra time, you can stay on the train and view the City Hall station as the train makes its turnaround.

“So why was the station closed so many years ago? The station’s curved tracks played a part in its closure. When subway cars moved their doors to the center, it created an dangerous gap between the exit point on the train and the platform.” There were plans to make the stop into a transit museum, but security concerns, especially following the events of 9/11/01, put the plan in limbo.”

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Image: John-Paul Palescandolo

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